Luxurious tables made of solid wood – respect for true craftsmanship

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During a long life, a person is fooled and deceived many times before he really understands that nothing is free. An opportunity is basically something that has a defect in its construction. That’s why I’m surprised that people have strong enough faith to believe that luxurious tables made of solid wood They can cost PLN 2,000 – PLN 3,000 gross. And although we can easily find many offers at this price, they have little in common with premium products. The table at this price is actually made of wood, but in my opinion it does not guarantee high quality.

As usual, the differences lie in the details that not everyone is interested in, because the price works wonders, which affects most purchasing portfolios. So a cheap shelf made of, let’s call it solid wood, is eagerly sought. And although I personally know many domestic producers who are craftsmen and make nice things, it is not a luxury. In order to call such a product luxurious, several very important conditions must be met.

Some time ago I wrote about very futuristic tables for prestigious interiors, and today I would like to tell you about the more classic side of the premium industry. Which is undoubtedly also a synonym of a great positive value that is worth having at home.

Luxurious tables made of solid wood – history, tradition and multi-generational culture

It’s like comparing two factories that make a similar product, made of the same material, and with similar parameters and design. One of them has experience spanning several dozen years, while the other is just starting out. So this is a list of the Mercedes brand, from a large investment fund that wanted to release a modern electric car.

It is understandable that it will be extremely difficult to make up for decades of arrears in a year or two. It is not possible to make an identical product, even by purchasing a license or knowing the entire technological process, as in the case of a brand with history.

And this is the key difference is the creation of premium products, which in themselves must serve for generations. The Italian brand Cantiero is such a classic example of a flesh-and-blood manufacture that represents the luxury sector. There are absolutely no goods dripping with gold there, only tradition, technological perfection, people who love craftsmanship and love for what they do.

A bit of brand history

In 1949, Severino Cantiero founded in Italy, in the town of Bovolone, a small craftsman’s workshop that created classic, high-quality furniture. This was the original assumption and this initiative continues to this day, but enriched by years of identity of working with natural wood, reliability and, above all, developing one’s own craftsmanship. As we know, we can talk about craftsmanship when we perform a given activity or use something to perfection.

And I found such perfection in the Cantiero factory. Luxurious tables made of solid wood are an excellent example. I will add that we can only achieve skill through long-term repetitions or exercises, followed by mastery.

Today, the Cantiero brand is not only synonymous with success, but above all, great recognition among customers around the world. Quality is supported by appropriate experience and, as I mentioned above, craftsmanship. Perhaps today it is easy to make a good first impression, but in the premium industry, history and your own portfolio are more important.

What do luxury solid wood tables from Cantiero look like?

The manufacture dates back to the last century, so there is no point in looking for modern and minimalist forms here that will be a poor photocopy of what dominates the market today. Cantiero does not follow trends, but sticks to its original, classic designs, referring to classic lines. Here I will divide them into several most important styles, because classic is a very general concept. The brand designs tables in an antique, art deco, Provençal, eclectic style and to the smallest extent there will also be a delicate note of modernity, combined with classic, of course.

For me, these are extremely important issues, because exclusive furniture in a subdued, classic style fits many interior designs. Universality is at the very heart of classics, and the Cantiero brand is a perfect example of this. It is a way of uniqueness, beauty without pomp, tradition, subdued luxury and, above all, pure elegance. We have companies that represent flashy luxury, producing furniture using materials rich in gold, silver, crystals and lacquered elements, but this is a completely different atmosphere.

The differences lie in the details

Extremely original and luxurious tables made of solid wood from Cantiero, remind me of the best years of traditional crafts. They are not old-looking products, like antiques, but they are not very modern either. There is something magical about them, at the same time calm and very stylish. I have seen many companies that wanted to enter the premium market by storm by designing tables that do not fully meet the criteria of the high-class industry. And working on solid wood is not easy, light and pleasant. That’s why we have so few good factories producing solid products today.

Among many different models, I was particularly enchanted by those made in an antique style. They are very original, and their distinctive feature is the visible wood grain, connected together into one whole. These are brown models, with the use of varnish, which shows the expressive features of the varnish. They are especially visible on the countertop, which is the most important point of the dining room or living room table. This is what we spend most of our time on, so it’s even more worth paying attention to. Luxurious tables made of solid wood must, above all, have a very solid top that will last for many years. In many cases, durability is related to performance, and here it is one hundred percent!

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Solid wood has many names

When helping our clients and designing their interiors, we know that quality is the most important thing here. And what is not entirely obvious, you can pay a lot for poor workmanship. And this is due to many companies that cheat their customers on workmanship and materials. Solid wood is used like a word like a pick, not entirely related to what the manufacturer made. I would compare it to the word luxury, which is very general. Few people realize that brands use, in addition to solid wood, wood-like products such as plywood or veneer.

For example, the upper part of the countertop is made of solid wood, and underneath there is a lower quality raw material. The legs of luxurious tables made of solid wood are often made of a completely different material. Manufacturers therefore use their tricks to reduce high costs and ultimately sell such a product as a full-value product, made entirely of wood. Are each of us a woodworking specialist? Probably not!


If a company decides to produce from real wood, believe me, it must have extensive experience in multi-stage processing. And here I will emphasize once again – many stages – one final result. I will not introduce you to individual processes, because this is a separate article. However, you must know that novices will not be able to make a luxurious solid wood table well, without any flaws or knots, not to mention the impregnation itself.

I have heard many stories about log houses that twisted and distorted several inches after a few months. Our table may not be so worn out, but a product made of poorly dried wood will not necessarily be simple. Therefore, a good piece of furniture made of such a material consists of many different factors that ultimately give a real final effect.

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The Italian brand Cantiero is synonymous with true craftsmanship, craftsmanship and luxury

More than a dozen years of getting to know manufacturers from the premium and super premium sectors provide extensive knowledge, which results in an offer tailored to the needs of an aware customer. And it is the luxurious tables made of solid wood by Cantiero that are such a luxurious product. A piece of furniture that will serve for generations to come, if we use it well and take care of it like a family member. For me, Cantiero is associated with tradition, high culture, but above all with family history. Italians love to pass on their values ​​to the next generations, and they are undoubtedly the basis for creating premium products and furniture.

If I recommend something, I have to be 100% surethat I know not only the product, but the entire technological process, material, and above all, the brand behind it. Cantiero meets all these conditions and I wholeheartedly recommend its products. A table costing several thousand or several thousand often differs too much, but it is the price that ultimately influences its long service life, reliability, high precision of workmanship and the work of human hands.

Today, in the era of mass production, we should look for old, multi-generational factories that have something more to offer than design. Let’s look for the truth about the raw material obtained, the history of the founder, and the attitude towards the processes of creating beautiful solid wood furniture. These are values ​​that are disappearing, and yet craft production should be the salt of Europe, just like centuries ago. We can only keep our fingers crossed that more and more customers are aware of the price difference.

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