Garden fountains are beauty hidden in noble materials

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Original and luxurious garden fountains are stylish and high quality

There was a time when it was enough to plant a few spruce trees and have a trimmed lawn to make our yard set an example. However, just like human behavior, times are changing rapidly. Tendencies, trends and architectural explorations, even though more and more modern things are still missing something. They are such an example garden fountains, which are an extremely classic product in the entire sense of the word.

We still love old, traditional and good craftsmanship, bringing with it something more than a large dose of minimalism. Coldness, eccentricity and shocking slowly bore society. We want normality, without intricacies and twisted, bizarre designs. What was already ancient has proven true to some extent and today we see a great return to the home port.

How I imagine it

If we think about holistic equipment for our yard, let’s think in terms of a beautiful garden. A bit of baroque, neoclassical flair, or refined antique garden fountains won’t hurt anyone. Patterns taken from past eras are perfect for the designs of traditional villas and residences. They create the style at the entrance, which is then to be maintained in the house itself.

So, in fact, from the entrance gate we signal to our guests what they will have to deal with. The inseparable bonds of design and the true correlation of ancient times will impress everyone. The choice of individual products, such as garden fountains, cannot be accidental, because the holistic nature of the entire project must apply at all its stages. And no one here is encouraging us to turn our gardens into an antique shop, but to look at it from a completely different perspective.

Are garden fountains a cure for large spaces?

I think that such products will work not only in huge palace parks or large garden spaces. The size of the yard itself is a very relative concept, so it is important how it is developed. An important question is whether we inherited our oasis from its former owner, or maybe we shape its appearance ourselves. The condition of the tree stand, its size, plantings and garden architecture must harmonize with each other. Times when garden gnomes were funny, they are a thing of the past.

Moreover, for many years they have been a sign of disrespect for fairy tale characters. Anyone who loves real dwarves will never spoil their garden with colorful cartoon figures. Of course, I don’t deny it, but it’s better to look for high-quality figures made by real artists.

These are naturally choices, decisions and the formation of our ego in the environment we live in. That’s why we put more and more emphasis on experiences rather than mere possessions. Without a shadow of a doubt, we can create our own backyards without any fake or mass-produced garden items. I know these are not easy tasks, but the future must be correlated with the past.

We have always loved simple solutions

Well, the garden itself is something that was created in primitive times, when we still acquired tools for work. The first bold antique products were created out of love for art, order and complementary knowledge about designing garden spaces. And it was garden fountains that increasingly fit into that rhetoric. That is, when creating a visualization of the yard, this particular product was often placed in its central part.

And in fact, the surface is of little importance because you can adjust the size of the fountain to your capabilities. For me, the most important factor is where it should be placed. On the one hand, it should be a central location, but on the other hand, it may be a bit perversely quiet.

Somewhere in the corner, hidden among dense bushes and trees, in a fairy-tale location, it will be a kind of oasis. Maybe this is contrary to representativeness, which tells us something. We can hide it and have it your own piece of paradise, where rest will correlate with the sound of water. Isn’t this an excellent idea? It seems so!

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Garden fountains – specific gravity

Small and large prices – these are the choices faced by everyone looking for high-quality products for their garden spaces. And these are not easy topics, because such works of applied art range from several hundred zlotys to several hundred thousand. So everyone will find something to do here. However, let’s carefully decide what we are really looking for.

Classic and modern are two different things, so not everything will work together. An ideal solution for beginner yard owners are garden fountains made of high-quality clay or terracotta. I am omitting synthetic products because they are not worth attention. But the terracotta itself is, in a sense, an artistic creation, based on old craft techniques. And I will always promote such products, because this is the land multi-generational factories. Which must be respected and loved, because we are constantly losing them.

So financial issues at this stage are quite important. As above, I suggest choosing this raw material first. Italian fountains made of terracotta cost a few hundred, so it’s not a lot of money. We are talking about products without the equipment needed to pump water. Because in many cases the mechanism itself must be purchased on your own.

Fantasy has no limits

Although there are many products already equipped with everything we need to run water. The cheapest garden fountains are wall-mounted. Actually, they are sinks, a la fountains. However, for me they can be described as an object for throwing water. They can be considered in terms of smaller forms that we can basically fit anywhere. And this is a good solution for small usable spaces. You can just as easily place them on your own terrace.

Basically, these are universal solutions because we do not place a garden fountain in a small space. Someone once said that small is beautiful! I completely agree with this. Ok, but man cannot live by terracotta alone. So next are stone, marble and also bronze products.

Well, here you need imagination and money. Because the production process of such molds is usually a time-consuming undertaking, the costs are also higher. I’m thinking about a few thousand zlotys or more. Bronze garden fountains can cost several hundred thousand. It is true that they are charming and amazing, but here you need a different caliber of garden and residence. Such classics suit extremely elite and expensive gardens.

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Garden fountains – correlation with other products

The product itself is not enough to fill our garden with art and fantasy. That’s why we need to decorate our yard with something more. And your first thought is probably flower pots. I thought exactly the same thing, because it is an inseparable image element of every yard or terrace. This is our conscious choice, which allows us not only to decorate, but also to grow our beloved plants.

And here, of course, the choices start with costs. Therefore, the most universal and safe goods are pots made of clay and terracotta. The Italians are particularly fond of this direction of production and beautiful flower pots that will form a whole with our garden fountains come from that part of Europe. A wide selection means that we can practically buy such a set ourselves. This is due to the diversity of the product range available under the

Made in Italy banner

Naturally, not only Italians make interesting garden items, but it is mainly them who have been stealing my heart for many years.Made in Italy obliges!That’s why he directs his search to these places. You must know that terracotta is a high-quality material and can be purchased at relatively good prices. What’s more, it is adapted to our frosts, so this is another key factor in choosing it.

Only fountains for garden strongly correlate with various types of sculptures and bas-reliefs. And it’s kind of fascinating how you can create a little art oasis in your own garden. Of course, such products can be found in virtually every raw material, but they better quality material, the more expensive the sculpture will be. These are the choices I leave to you to decide.

However, I still focus on clay and terracotta because the value for money is very good. And these are not cheap, mass-produced shells, because I avoid such things and do not recommend them.

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In my opinion, a natural garden needs natural materials, so we should rely on nature, i.e. wood, stone and clay. It will really harmonize with the other aspects of our beautiful gardens and even terraces.

The choices should therefore be conscious, based on nothing other than the love of creating a piece of your own space for relaxation. Large and small forms can beautifully correlate with each other, but it requires caution and the good hand of the designer.

And appropriate solutions should be sought based on such criteria. And I wish you such an approach!If you are looking for high-quality products for your garden, write – [email protected]