Elegant lighter as a gift – opinions

elegant lighter as a gift

When looking for an exclusive gift, we often forget about the classic product it is elegant lighter as a gift. This is a very original and right strategy for the person receiving the gift.

Men especially love this type of gadgets – they are solid, made of high-quality materials and, above all, practical. Smoking cigarettes and cigars is associated with something very masculine, so an elegant lighter will be a sure bet as a gift. Elegant gift lighter – manufacturers

These beautiful and unique gems are offered by many companies around the world. We can choose from products from the Asian part of the continent, but they are mainly cheap and mass-produced Poor quality lighters produced.

So let’s focus on manufacturers from Europe, mainly countries such as Switzerland and Italy. This is just such a product as an elegant gift lighter is designed and manufactured from scratch.

elegant lighter as a gift
Cross-section of a luxury Caran d’Ache lighter – luxuryproducts.pl store

The models created by Italian design masters can easily be called writing jewels. Only hand-made and engraved in solid gold and silver, equipped with hard enamel and precious stones, they are a luxury in themselves.

What is an elegant gift lighter made of??

World-class products are made of the highest quality materials such as gold, silver, steel, precious stones and special enamels covering lighters. The elegant, top-shelf gift lighter that we had the opportunity to admire is a product of the Urso brand, made of gold and real diamonds. Amazing and impeccably made product!

a luxurious and elegant lighter as a gift
Exclusive Urso lighter – gold and diamonds

It is worth noting that this elegant gift lighter is made of 18-carat gold and, more importantly, it is completely handmade.

Of course, gold and silver are not all materials used by manufacturers. The Swiss brand Caran d’Ache used real carbon fiber to produce the Carbon Fiber model. An interesting fact is that this elegant gift lighter was made with an accuracy of hundredths of a millimeter, with a cut roll, and each of them has its own individual serial number.

If we decide on such a tasteful and original gift, remember to choose a lighter in a luxurious box. It is best if it is high-quality wood varnished several times.

gift lighter
Elegant lighter and cigar cutter as a gift from Urso

We don’t have to mention the prestigious packaging in gift paper or a stylish paper bag.

But this is up to you to decide. We wish you patience in looking for the right and best gift for the other person.