What are crystal plates used for?

What are crystal plates used for?

Crystal glass, commonly called crystal, contains minerals (lead oxide, silica, potassium carbonate), which make it more plastic than ordinary glass. Craftsmen create fanciful forms from crystal, and by combining them with other most desirable materials and accessories, they create works that have more than just a utilitarian function. Some of it is already known what are crystal plates used for? – they are an element of tableware every day and on special occasions. Without a doubt, they are also a pearl on the dining room table, a unique decoration that captivates with its elegance and originality.

Why is crystal the undisputed king of the table? What types of cake stand are there and which ones are fashion-proof?

What are crystal plates used for?

Crystal plates, depending on their form, have their place in the kitchen, dining room, living room and also stand, among others, in offices, hotels, confectioneries. They are the best form of serving:

  • all kinds of cakes, cookies,
  • cakes for every occasion,
  • fruit,
  • snacks,
  • appetizers,
  • candy.

A crystal plate is a tasteful and welcome way to serve all kinds of sweets. That’s why they are a very good idea gift for a new home. The cake stand ensures safe transfer of cakes, cookies and cakes from the kitchen to the dining room or living room table. It is convenient to cut cakes or cakes into pieces. And taking out the first piece is not difficult. Platters are a practical and tasteful solution when made of artistic crystal.

For decorating cakes

Crystal cake stands are very practical in companies that provide cake baking services. It is definitely more convenient to decorate a cake that stands on a crystal base – compared to other materials. The choice of this type of plate proves the level and quality of services. The cake standing on an exclusive base encourages you to eat and buy it.

Fancy cake and cake stand

At home, a plate with crystal is also used to decorate cakes and cakes. Crystal is a practical material and easy to clean. After placing the cake on a cake stand, you can proceed to decorating, and any mistakes can be easily removed with a paper towel. The finished cake can be brought to the living rooms. A cake or other sweets served in this way becomes more appetizing.

For cakes and other sweets

Layered cake stands are perfect for serving various types of cakes and cookies. Two-story and three-story ones do not go unnoticed on the table. They are available in various versions – which leaves a lot of freedom to use them on various occasions.

Cake Stand
Luxury Crystal Platter

You can choose from multi-tier crystal plates, including: about form:

  • classic – two (three) flat plates,
  • with plates (for cookies, sweets),
  • with a cover for the upper bowl (e.g. for a croissant),
  • with deeper bowls (for larger cookies and other sweets),
  • modern combined with traditional elements.

For fruit

That’s what they’re for crystal plates depends on the shape of the vessel. Bowl-type plates are dedicated to fruit. They also serve sweets, such as cookies and candies.

Original Fruit Plate

Smaller cup-shaped bowls or platters are used to serve grapes, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and other small fruits. However, large ones are irreplaceable for larger fruits. Thanks to the appropriate shapes, the platter ensures safe movement of fruit. Certainly none will make it out of the bowl. When guests or household members help themselves to fruit, they do not have to worry that another fruit will be placed outside the plate. The crystal plates are appropriately profiled, which makes them comfortable to use. Fruit plates are an additional option decoration in the living room and dining room during various meetings and every day.

The crystal is made for serving fruit. It is transparent, delicate and at the same time durable. Fruit served in crystal dishes is a tempting snack. They look juicy, as if they had just been picked.

For snacks

Modern Crystal Platters
Multifunctional Crystal Platters

A modern crystal plate consists of salad bowls, platters, and a closed bowl it is an optimal addition to the table during family meetings, with acquaintances, friends and contractors. You can fill it with a variety of luxurious, fashionable appetizers and snacks. And when served this way, they provide guests with the convenience of consumption and the pleasure of looking at them.

A unique crystal plate

A great option if you have no idea how to assemble the tableware is a set of platters for any occasion. They are available in sets with vases.

Why is crystal the king of the table?

Crystal glass is a more flexible material than ordinary glass. Its plasticity translates into artistic decorations and accessories. Craftsmen can create sophisticated patterns from crystal glass. Additionally plates enriched with brass plated with gold, amber and silver and other valuable materials. In this way, luxurious cake stands for cakes, fruit and snacks are created, which add great aesthetic value to every table.

Crystal plates are available in various colors or have colorful decorations. Bowls and plates made of crystal glass are light, transparent, clean and elegant. You can choose from plates made in various styles, from the classic – simple plate only made of crystal, through delightful plates delicately touched with gold, to richly decorated, with carvings and bathed in luxurious accessories. Both simple and beautifully decorated, they delight with their form and that is why crystal has been the king on tables for centuries.

Crystal plate – a luxurious gift

Luxurious Gift Platters

Engraved plate made of crystal glass from master craftsmen, is a ready-made idea for a luxurious and original gift for everyone who appreciates artistic decorative elements with utility value. A personalized, unique, beautiful plate is worth giving as a gift as a wedding gift or for a housewarming party. An original gift will also please anyone who likes to bake and decorate cakes and serve them in an exquisite way. Fancy crystal plates will never go out of fashion, they are timeless, and crystal is a durable material that does not lose its visual appearance over the years. Connoisseurs of art and good taste will certainly appreciate such a gift.

Crystal plates fulfill many functions in the kitchen, dining room and living room, so they cannot be missing in any luxurious space.