Gift To A New Home

Buying a house or moving home always coincides with the beginning of a new stage in life. A single person who has just changed jobs, a young couple starting their life together or a growing family: there is no better time to celebrate.

If you’ve received an invitation from friends or family, don’t come empty-handed. Celebrate this occasion with an original gift. To help you choose, we found some ideas for gift for a new home: choose the one that inspires you the most.

A gift for a new home – alcohol tasting sets

Colorful glasses create a decorative kaleidoscope on the table and add positive energy. Don’t miss the exclusive blown glass creations made in Italy, which combine the ancient processes of master craftsmen from Tuscany and Murano with the talent of authentic design. These beautiful sets of colorful water and wine glasses instantly set a trend, especially if the colors are different for each guest.

Tasting Alcohol Set Murano

Classic or original, transparent or colorful, and coordinated with decanters and carafes, you can never have enough glass sets. Glass for red wine is the perfect addition to tasting on special occasions, for personal enjoyment or to share with friends.

Set Alcohol Tasting Champagne
Set Alcohol Tasting Con
Alcohol Tasting Set Italy
Alcohol Tasting Complete
Set Alcohol Tasting Heater
Delfin Alcohol Tasting

Wine and champagne accessories

Wine lovers can be divided into two “worlds”: those who like to receive only bottles of good red, white or rosé wine and those who love tasting gadgets and accessories to create a corner dedicated to bottles At home.

The bottle holder therefore not only has practical value, but takes on a much broader meaning. As we know, everyone furniture it can become a decorative element emphasizing the personality of the household members. Not to mention that a bottle holder can also become an elegant idea as a gift for a new home, perfect for both the wine connoisseur and the novice who has recently approached the world of oenology. In each case, the choice must be classy, ​​respect the recipient’s taste and be functional.

Accessories Wine Rack

The first criterion for choosing the perfect bottle holder is how the bottles will be used, which determines the position in which they will be stored. Have you ever wondered why most of the time they are positioned horizontally?

This is a precise choice that has to do with the best possible preservation of the wine. When bottles are placed vertically, the wine never soaks the cork. And this is a serious problem – the cork must remain moist. Because if it becomes too dry, it allows oxygen to enter the bottle and thus destroys the precious liquid inside. The only time wine bottles can be placed vertically is during consumption or for aesthetic reasons, as decorative items and not intended for consumption.

Accessories Wine Rack Elegant
Accessories Wine Rack
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Tableware – a gift for a new home

Dish service is an element that cannot be missing at home. It is a demanding gift, so it is given on special occasions, such as a wedding or moving to a new home. But also for Christmas or an important anniversary. When choosing a new dinner set, we must pay attention to three features: the way it will be used, the material and the appearance.

Exclusive Tableware

When choosing a set of cookware that users will use every day, you should pay more attention to practical details:

– Can you put it in the microwave?

– Can it be washed in the dishwasher?

– Is the material resistant to mechanical damage?

Only later will we be able to focus on colors and patterns. Think about which ones the person receiving a gift for a new home might like the most.

We can choose ceramics, which is an economical material, and for this reason, items made of it generally cost less. Usually, dinner sets made of this material are modest and intended for everyday use. Undoubtedly, a disadvantage of this material that must be taken into account is that in case of a crack or chip, the plate must be thrown away. Porcelain also belongs to the same family, which, unlike ceramics, is a very expensive and very delicate material. Its characteristic features are gloss, durability and resistance to aging.

Exclusive Tableware Italy

In line with classic taste, the most elegant dishes are those with an essential design. Preferably white: a light color actually highlights the chromatic qualities of the dishes on our plate. It makes them pleasant not only to taste, but also to the eye. However, since the second half of the 20th century, more and more sets of plates with vivid, colorful, cheerful decorations have appeared. In this way, the entire table comes alive and, as a result, the atmosphere in the kitchen becomes more joyful. If the person receiving the gift has a modern kitchen, choose a modern kitchenware service. Those with straight lines or geometric decorations, but always reduced to a minimum.

Exclusive Italian tableware
Exclusive tableware
Exclusive Porcelain Tableware
Exclusive tableware

High-quality household appliances

One thing that no one likes is certainly cleaning the house. This activity is tiring, boring and takes up a lot of time that could be spent on much more enjoyable, relaxing or constructive activities. It is worth mentioning that technological research has allowed us to find more and more innovative solutions over the years, offering the general public devices that reduce the time and effort associated with cleaning. One of such solutions, since 1865, is the vacuum cleaner. And it will definitely be a welcome gift for someone moving to a new home.

Household Appliances As A Gift New Home
Household appliances as a gift for a new home
Appliances New Home Gift