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Today we would like to present you the Italian brand Unopiu, which specializes in designing and creating the highest quality garden furniture. Over 40 years of experience is a very valuable experience today. Anyway Italian Manufactures are famous for operating for many generations. This is not to sell your own company, but to pass it on to your children. Of course, not everyone succeeds, but this is their long and strong tradition.

This tradition gives rise to international, dynamic brands that are loved by conscious customers all over the world. And that’s what she is Unopiu, fascinating, original, captivating and unconventional. 100% Italian to reflect the character that gives future owners of this luxurious furniture real comfort and luxury with a capital S.

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There are various collections here, from very classic ones to bold, modern and minimalist designs. So everyone will find something for themselves. It should be added that aspects such as sustainable development and care for the environment are extremely important for the brand. Below you will find beautiful collections, we invite you to travel with Unopi!

If you are looking for garden furniture, write to: [email protected]