Functional office accessories from Sigel straight from Germany

functional office accessories

The huge selection of goods and office supplies is dizzying, but my leader is the German brand Sigel, which produces functional office accessories. When we first unpacked the shipment from Sigel, we did not believe that it was possible to design so ergonomically, but above all, to produce it so well. Let’s start from the beginning….

Functional office accessories – what does the Sigel brand stand for?

The brand is based on three very important assumptions, namely quality, functionality and design. And I must say that he fulfills his three key points with all his heart. Functional office accessories consist of two separate lines, i.e. Sigel Style and Sigel Workflow.

All products are aimed at a specific target group and meet the needs and requirements of the greatest connoisseurs of office and office art.

When you put two leather ones next to each other desk pads, including one Sigela, you will immediately notice the differences that determine the final appearance.

Sigel, is not a small family workshop. But also not a large corporation making products from cheap semi-finished products. So it’s really a combination of quality and quantity of production!

Functional office accessories – ergonomics and high efficiency

High standard of design, this is where the entire production of these exclusive products begins. Sigel has been cooperating with the best designers of applied art for years, which is clearly visible in the bold design lines. For many years, their products have been setting trends in the world of office fashion. As evidenced by international recognition.

Sigel is a multiple winner of awards for unique, innovative design. Seventeen international awards in four years –this is the best proof of the passion of designers associated with this German company and the highest standards of workmanship.

“Sigel Workflow” includes a comprehensive range of goods that offer functional value and focus on efficient work. Communication and office organization become much easier, and organizational solutions will make your work more orderly.

Functional office accessories – elegant desk sets

The first products that we decided to introduce in our offer were luxurious desk sets. On the one hand, the series Eye Style – completely crazy visually and colors, on the other hand a classic of the Cintano genre.

The Eyestyle collection is unconventional and functional high-gloss office accessories. Very fashionable and very popular among our customers. Bright, shiny and vibrant, they will make a difference on your desk.

As many as 5 awards for design speak for themselves, an amazing sense of taste and aesthetics with a capital S. For me personally, it is a cosmic explosion of design, which is why I love the Sigel brand and I present it to my clients with undisguised pride.

If you don’t like freshness, choose classic! Here’s this one German brand, is doing just as well. We can choose from eco leather or natural calf leather. The manufacturer took care of every, even the smallest, detail in this project.

The final look is truly elite and timeless, and the black color gives this collection incredible prestige. This series is popular with lawyers, advisors, tax offices and all people in high positions.

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Functional office accessories – magnetic boards for your wall

Magnetic boards made of tempered glass, are extremely modern products with exceptionally clean aesthetics! The surface of tempered glass floats freely in front of the wall, giving the impression of being suspended in air.

It’s not magic, just thoughtful design from the very idea itself. Needless to say, the Artverum collection has also been awarded many times internationally.

Bold design, quality and safety give tangible results in the form of perfect products for office or study decor!

The whole experience is complemented by colorful magnets that Sigel created for these original and beautiful magnetic boards.

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Functional office accessories - exclusive notebooks for everyone

In addition to great and original products typically for desks, Sigel designs stylish notebooks. Just like functional office accessories, notebooks are divided into two categories. These vivid and colorful ones are dedicated to the fair sex. This is the Jolie Notebook collection, very feminine and fresh!

However, the series CONCEPTUM, is a unique classic, mainly intended for men. Black, seriousness, tradition and sharpness – these are details for a real man!

The notebook in its classic black is both refined and elegant.

You will always be perfectly prepared, and a large selection of formats will provide plenty of space for notes – clean and simple. Aesthetics reduced to a minimum ensure clarity from start to finish. Thanks to the “Softwave” surface used, the exclusive character can be both felt and visible.

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Functional office accessories – why we love the Sigel brand

The Sigel brand has been present on desk tops, elegant tables and cozy offices for many years. Solid German quality with a palpable fascination of exquisite design. Which introduces, with the help of expressive designers.

You can’t talk about German boredom here, because it’s love at first sight.

A colorful, very fresh feast in our offices and offices. A story that has been awarded many times and noticed all over the world.

The secret of maturity, which should beautify our world in which we live and work, this is the Sigel brand.