Premium class product – let’s talk about wood, part 1

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When I decided to offer real luxury in Poland more than 8 years ago, I didn’t know what it really was premium product.

As time passed, I discovered lands previously unknown to me, and with them the truth about producing impeccable luxury. It was often a brutal school that taught me that not everything called luxury must be luxury….

Prelude – a premium product

I took my first steps towards extremely expensive and impressive goods, thinking that this was obvious luxury. There I could experience the taste, touch and smell of super premium essences.

Generally, the raw materials used are extremely important, as they create a holistic picture like the hand of a creator. This is the unchanging basis from which you should start designing the desired product.

Natural and rare wood species, such as ebony, mahogany, amboine, burl or rosewood are the salt of the earth of the true face of a premium product.

Exotic trees, like precious stones, are in limited supply and are constantly shrinking. That is why it is the starting base for a huge number of products.

You think – it’s just furniture, you’re wrong! Prestigious wood is everywhere today. Floors, wainscoting, yachts, household appliances, cars, planes and everything where this divine raw material can be used.

Every year the price of a cubic meter of succulent luxury wood increases. Commensurate with demand, that’s why it’s pure premium product.

Case study – wooden chess as a premium product

The fascination with wood is connected with our nature, nature and man. We have been inextricably linked with this raw material for thousands of years.

The result is a strong and strong attachment to the tree as a companion in our lives.

A great example of the use of good quality types of wood is the Italian chess manufacturer Italfama. This is a brand with over 40 years of tradition.

This manufacturer knows how well wood matches chess boards. Using carefully selected species, he designs a real premium product.

This is what the niche, prestige andthe foundation of luxury. Something that is sought after, to be offered to all true gourmets of high quality.

Varieties of wood that make up a premium product

The manufacturer uses here, among others briar root, rosewood, maple wood, walnut wood, or finally African bubinga.

Properly varnished and polished, they make a difference compared to other types of wood. They have their own weight and style, giving the chess game a mood with a capital N!

Many Italfama products are made of hand-inlaid wood. The method has been used since ancient times and gives a real and elite style.

Price as one of the factors of a premium product

You are probably wondering whether the price is adequate for the product produced in this way. Let me give you some examples.

A large chessboard made of briar and elm wood, dimensions 51x51x1.8 cm, costs approximately PLN 895.

A chess board made of African bubinga wood, measuring 51x51x1.8 cm, costs over PLN 900.

An original chess board, in the form of a box, with a pull-out drawer, made of rosewood, dimensions 47x36x7 cm, costs approximately PLN 1,200.

A board made of rosewood and maple, measuring 38x38x2 cm, costs over PLN 400.

A walnut chessboard, dimensions 42x42x1.8 cm, costs around PLN 800.

As we can see, good quality wood does not have to be very expensive. However, it differs significantly from standard and mass-produced chess.

The price results from the supply of high-quality wood, the degree of difficulty in producing the final product and many other factors.

Brand Italfama, is a classic example of the use of wood in the process of creating a premium product.

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Wood joining case study - premium product

Many global companies combine wood with other raw materials. And it often looks really impressive, exclusive and extremely prestigious.

There are many techniques and connections between wood as a production material. However, I fell in love with the duo of natural leather and wood.

For me, this is an exceptionally holistic and successful marriage, certainly not of convenience! From the first moment you can see the coherence and the shining honesty in the appearance of an object made using this technique.

A perfect example is the Hergo office chair by R.A. Mobili. Never in my life have I experienced anything like this feeling deep fascination with seating furniture.

It is expressive, heavy, with a clearly massive shape. The feeling of this fleshiness is given by two raw materials – natural leather and wood.

I can’t imagine using any other materials in this place and on this product. This is how I always imagined a perfect and complete object made of even more perfect raw materials.

Sitting on the skin is very symbolic in human life and also very majestic. We feel exceptionally elite when we smell this luxurious raw material.

Heavy and massive selected wood protects us from the back, giving us comfort and a sense of security.

And although many of you will consider PLN 40,000 to be a big expense, for me this exclusive armchair is worth every price.

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Wood fashion – it was, is and will be!

Will exotic and rare varieties of wood always be within our desires? As our history shows, it is a unique raw material, highly respected by man.

Wood gives us warmth, shelter and joy of life for thousands of years. The less of it, the more valuable and sought after it is.

Today, I cannot imagine the premium industry without this material. It is one of the basic ingredients and a classic example of its use in luxury.

Can luxury survive without high-quality trees? The answer is trivial – of course not.