A decent office chair – how does the Gierre brand do it?

decent office chair

Working at a desk should be pure pleasure and comfort. It all depends on whether you have it decent office chair. If not, I’ll tell you what the details are. I wrote about chair for the president R.A. Mobili, today it’s time for the Gierre brand.

Seeing most products at similar prices, one can resist the conclusion that the market is very unified and open to low-priced goods. However, anyone who knows the proverb ”greedy loses twice” – knows what this means.

a decent office chair
A decent office chair must be solidly made

A decent office chair – design is less important – what matters is the materials used

How many times have I cursed after purchasing a desk chair for my child? I told myself so many times that I would never buy cheap shit. After two months of regular use, the knob pressing the backrest broke. Approx! We managed it well, but after a year, when the seat lifter fell down along with my daughter, I said under my breath – never again.

So you probably already know that decent office chair must be made of high-quality materials. Not only so that you can sit comfortably, but mainly for the long life of this product. Most of the chairs sold come from Asia, a smaller part is European and Polish.

a very decent chair for the office
Gierre brand – Luxury Products store

How is a good office chair constructed? – Italian brand Gierre

Gierre Manufactory is a unique example of combining classic Italian design with high-quality materials. This Italian manufacturer specializes mainly in the production of elegant and decent armchairs and chairs for offices. For over twenty years, the brand has been creating and designing very prestigious office products!

an exceptionally good chair

Let’s start with the seat. If you want to sit on a compressed sponge, buy a chair for PLN 100 in one of the supermarkets – I wish you successful work on such a great product. Gierre uses beech plywood in his seats, with a thickness ranging from 10 mm to several mm. This is made of polyurethane foam with a cross-section of 10 mm, and in better models even 60 mm. What is important – the density of the foam, in this case – 40 kg/m3!

The basis is conditioned by the model. And so, depending on the price, the product has aluminum legs, aluminum in chrome, metal in chrome, nylon and fiberglass. All this to ensure that it serves its owner for as long as possible.

decent office chair
A good office chair doesn’t have to be swivel

You are buying a decent office chair – check what materials it is made of

The Gierre company offers a wide selection of high-quality materials, everyone will find something for themselves. But, if they are to be associated with durability, check whether the microfiber used is fireproof! This is important – if so, it’s top shelf.

You can choose freely from the multitude of colors and material thicknesses. Those who want luxury can order a chair or armchair made of natural leather. And, as in the case of materials, the freedom in choosing colors is extremely large.

It is possible to combine materials and leather, which gives a designer effect – especially desired in higher positions.

a decent office chair
A skillful combination of leather and material – boutique www.luxuryproducts.pl
Which wheels for my chair?

When I see a description of hard wheels or soft wheels in a store, I want to cry, people, what kind of description is that? Seller, make an effort, your customer is on the other side!

Gierre also leaves a lot of choice for the potential client in this matter. This is important depending on what floor our chair is to be placed on. Is it parquet, panels, concrete, or maybe a shag carpet? Once we know what our product should be, the manufacturer will suggest appropriate wheels.

They can be double swivel, nylon, chrome, rubber or finally double nylon – it all depends on the situation.

a decent office chair
Luxuryproducts.pl boutique

What functions does a good office chair have?

I have visited dozens of stores, this is better than STAND UP:) When there is nothing to describe, sellers create their own colorful descriptions, such as: evenly seamed, comfortable seat, contoured armrests, or assembly in 10 minutes…

What kind of job you have and how much time you spend at your desk depends on what you choose. Manufaktura has designed a number of convenient solutions. Among other things, 5 and 6 chair positions, tension adjustment, 10-position height, intensity adjustment, seat inclination, anti-shock system, and locking option.

a decent office chair
Italian brand Gierre

A nice solution is the antishock function – protection against hitting the backrest in the back, which has probably happened to everyone.

As long and wide as the offer is, each chair has different functions – one has 4 seat locks, the other one more. The manufacturer offers a large selection of models, depending on height – this is also important!

Look at the certificates that a decent office chair has!

Please check what certificates the product you want to buy has. Whether it’s an online or stationary store – ask the seller about the certification of the brand you are interested in. Well, let me ask you what brand. Most of it NO NAME – x, y, z….

No serious person will subscribe to a product of questionable quality. Coming back to certificates, Gierre can boast of several important ones. Among other things, pan-European EN 1335 certificate reserved for office furniture.

The second one is extremely important the certificate is CATAS – Endurance certificateItalian Research Institute C ATAS S.p.A. In addition to other EU certificates, Gierre gives a 5-year warranty on its products, which speaks for itself!

high-quality office chair

You already have the knowledge, so check the reliability and quality of the office chairs available on our market.

Now, armed with basic information, you can effectively search for the right model for yourself. Remember not to focus solely on price, it’s a shortcut – as I found out before I sat in the chair Italian brand Gierre.SaveSaveSaveSaveSave