Chair for the president – Italian company R.A. Mobili

chair for the president

Today I would like to introduce you to chair for the presidentR.A. brands Mobili. This is a very unique manufacture, producing some of the most prestigious furniture for offices and offices.

Founded in 1906 as a small family factory, it thrives, specializing in the production of custom-made de luxe furniture. Clients include presidents and the world’s largest CEOs.

Which chair for the president?
Italian chair for the president – R.A. Mobili – Luxury Products store

Such a wonderful item as a chair for the president is ordered by councils of ministers from various countries, because R.A. Mobili is more than just office furniture – it is the highest segment of this industry. Creme de la creme is found and born in Italy!

What is the chair for the president of R.A. made of? Mobili?

The brand also makes furniture for exclusive airplanes. There is no room for a bit of fiddling, so the product is made of the highest quality materials. Of course, specially selected – natural leather, mahogany and steel will ensure a super premium class.

The Italians make their other models from acacia, Californian, strawberry, and finally elm wood. These varieties look truly unique and it’s hard to find another producer like them!

an armchair for the president in the office
A chair for a president doesn’t have to be boring!

The price depends not only on the material used, but the chair for the president must be extremely solid and well-fitted. This product is the Ferrari of other furniture, so please pay attention to its unique line…

An armchair for the president in an office set

Anyone who wants to enjoy luxurious and soft seating on natural leather must know that they can arrange their entire office in this style. Mark R.A. Mobili made sure that each collection was unique and very exclusive.

Therefore, in addition to the armchair, we can order an incredible office desk, a conference table, document cabinets, and a bar with a TV set!

Chairs for presidents
The president can assemble the entire cabinet

All this in a charming, prestigious ebony style and beautifully applied varnish. Every CEO who respects his position should have an R.A. Mobili in his office. I don’t think this is an exaggeration, I haven’t seen more exclusive office furniture in the world so far. They are actually the elite.

The president’s chair itself weighs less than 55 kg and we can have it in various colors, which is important for personal references.

Lovers from all over the world have appreciated the craftsmanship of Italian designers, which is why they often have to wait several months to order. This is not a mass-produced product, so you have to be patient and wait patiently until a product arrives that will arouse emotions in every person entering the office!