Luxurious face cream – the elixir of youth

luxurious face cream

If luxurious face cream costs over PLN 4,000, it must have cosmic properties. How is it that 30 ml of the substance costs so much and where does this price come from? Today I will try to find out what the ingredients of the Unapologetic Luxury brand do.

It is not in the same price range as the mid-range cosmetics from Switzerland, but it is more than average high-quality creams for women.

The manufacturer’s main goal was to find the most optimal and unique ingredients available on our planet. All of them have extraordinary value, which of course translates into the price.

Luxurious face cream – an incredible combination

Several of these ingredients are used in high-quality creams, but never before has such an extraordinary combination of extremely expensive raw materials been designed. Okay, but exactly?

Here is the unique composition: Cow Zhang mushroom (Taiwan), orchid (Ecuador), lingonberry (Russia), Maca root (Peru), mother of pearl (Polynesia), 24-carat gold (India), Emerald (Colombia), viper venom extract (Thailand), snail slime (Argentina), Himalayan water (China), minerals and trace elements (Dead Sea), argan oil (Morocco), sea algae (Mediterranean Sea), olive tree leaves (Spain), grapes (Spain), caviar (Caspian Sea), wild rose (Chile).

luxury cream for women
exclusive face cream
exclusive face creams

17 such specific ingredients are the result of the manufacturer’s well-thought-out strategy. For me personally, the biggest surprise is that the raw materials come literally from all over the world. Luxurious face cream Soberbia is a multicultural, high-quality melting pot of ingredients.

Luxurious face cream – Cow Zhang mushroom

Many articles have been written about the properties of mushrooms, but Cow Zhang is truly a truffle among them. 1 kilogram costs from 15,000 to 20,000 thousand dollars. The brand was the first to use this Taiwanese ingredient Unapologetic Luxury.

In addition to treating allergies, itching, skin irritations and various infections, it has natural antioxidant properties that protect our skin against free radicals. And this is the first interesting ingredient that creates this extraordinary luxurious face cream.

Orchid from Ecuador

It is a unique source of polyphenols and polysaccharides that inhibit harmful free radical reactions. They have an anti-aging effect, perfectly softening and smoothing out fine facial wrinkles.

luxury face creams


There was Taiwan, so it was time for Russia and its gifts of nature. Cowberry also occurs in our country, but the manufacturer obtains it from our eastern neighbors. Its fruits are a parade of nutritious and unique ingredients.

These include tannins, organic acids, flavonoids (isoquercin, arbutin, hyperoside and hudroquinone), mineral salts, anthocyanins, sugars, pectins and vitamins A, P and C. The main uses in the cream are its astringent, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and antiseptic properties.

luxury face cream

Luxurious face cream with Maca root

The secret weapon of the Incas, a long-used bomb of vitamins, trace elements, fats, amino acids, sterols and fatty acids is magic. Appearance it looks a bit like a large radish, but the composition is significantly different.

The most important actions are improving skin tone, increasing energy, balancing hormone secretion, and slowing down the aging process.

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Mother of pearl – Polynesia

They are created in the shells of marine pearl whales, where they hide from various irritations. Their properties include primarily restoring the water and lipid balance,cleansing the body of toxinsand cell renewal and restoring hormonal balance.

Luxurious face cream with 24 carat gold

Here, I have often encountered this ingredient in various types of products and creams. If Chinese 2500 BC They used this unusual metal, it must have been really special!

Ok, what does gold in the cream do… well – it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. What is important is that it inhibits autoimmune processes and reduces excessive concentration of immunoglobulins in the blood.

Preparations containing gold slow down the aging process and eliminate wrinkles. Its particles reach the basal layer of the epidermis, activating the moisturizing systems. Apart from that gold it narrows pores and creates a kind of film on the skin, protecting us against harmful factors.

elegant face creams

Colombian emeralds in cream – no joke…..

This phenomenal stone is compared to ruby ​​and diamond. The most excellent ones are obtained in South America.

People consider emerald to be something magical, responsible for fighting lies and betrayal. If the owner of the stone has pure thoughts, it brings health. He is also the patron saint of the family, supporting family ties.

When it comes to skin it rejuvenates and regenerates it very well, so it is a great and valued ingredient in this cream.

elite face cream

Snake venom extract – lifting without a scalpel

Recently, a very popular drug is a derivative of a tripeptide that imitates the action of a toxin (Waglerin-1), which is found in the venom of a viper (Temple Viper) – the strongest antispasmodic peptide.

Many studies confirm that using this extract effectively reduces facial wrinkles, i.e. wrinkles on the cheeks and lines on the forehead and neck.Therefore, ladies, instead of Botox, let’s first choose an effective cream.

Luxurious face cream with snail slime from Argentina

The multitude of ingredients is one thing, I was fascinated by the manufacturer’s cosmopolitan approach to obtaining these raw materials. It’s amazing how many beautiful countries and continents they come from.

It’s a pity that Unapologetic Luxury didn’t look for snails in Poland, we have really good material! Ok, why slime?

They used this specific raw material already in ancient Greece. People have found it to be great for scars and wounds. This is all thanks to the structure that ensures rapid tissue regeneration while the snail is moving.

very expensive face cream

It naturally contains ingredients that cosmetic brands produce synthetically. Allantoin, glycolic acid, mucopolysaccharides and vitamins, collagen and elastin.A luxurious face cream is supposed to work, which is why it contains snail slime.

Specifically, it has anti-wrinkle, regenerating, protective, exfoliating, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, soothing properties and increases skin elasticity. I think this is one of the most important ingredients of this cream….

All I can say about Himalayan water is that it is a natural agent that deacidifies the body and moisturizes perfectly – that’s all!

Minerals and trace elements from the Dead Sea

Everyone who suffers from various types of skin diseases knows this region very well, especially the beneficial properties of the Dead Sea. The main difference lies in the salt content. Well, the Dead Sea contains as much as 260-270 g of salt per kilogram.

This is a lot compared to other waters of this type, not to mention our beloved Baltic Sea salt content is 6 – 11 g per kilogram. Therefore, the seawater content in this cream is important.

The ingredients it contains affect the regeneration and renewal of the skin, have anti-inflammatory properties, soothe irritations and oxygenate the skin. As a result, the skin is well moisturized, firm and nourished.

luxury cosmetics face creams

Argan oil – Moroccan elixir of youth

Argania, from which this oil is produced, is a very rare plant. That’s why it was included on the World Heritage List UNESCO. It is widely used in cosmetics and dermatology.

Typically, the one used in cosmetics is more expensive than cooking oil. Often called Moroccan gold, it has a thick and oily consistency and has been used by women for centuries.

It perfectly smoothes existing wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones. It perfectly smoothes and moisturizes the skin, neutralizing free radicals and being exceptionally good at it! But this is not the end of its advantages….

Argan oil protects our skin against the harmful effects of temperature, sun and wind. It works great on atopic and allergic skin, and is also recommended for people with psoriasis.

luxury creams for women

Luxurious face cream with sea algae!

As you can see, the Mediterranean Sea is rich in natural nutrients, which is where our algae come from 17 component compilation i. Algae have a rich concentration of vitamins, proteins, antioxidants and minerals.

The alginic acid contained in them strongly stimulates microcirculation in the capillaries, smoothing the epidermis. The carbohydrates and sulfur contained in it disinfect and stabilize the functioning of the skin’s sebaceous glands. Moreover, they cleanse the skin of toxins restoring its natural PH.

Laminaria together with spirulina strengthen and seal capillaries on the skin, therefore improving blood supply and soothing the tendency to burst capillaries by improving circulation.

creams luxury cosmetics for the face

Olive tree leaves – Elixir of longevity

It has strong antifungal properties, so it is recommended for everyone struggling with various skin infections. The high content of vitamin E is great for rejuvenating the skin because it is a very effective antioxidant.

In addition, olive tree extract smoothes wrinkles, refreshes and moisturizes perfectly and also has a calming and soothing effect on skin exposed to negative atmospheric effects.

luxury cream

Grapes – this also has a luxurious face cream!

Grapes are extremely rich in potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, boron, iodine, copper and iron, vitamins A, B and C, and antioxidant polyphenol compounds – flavonoids and resveratrol.That’s why it is a mega vitamin bomb…..

In cosmetics, a special role is played by polyphenols and vitamins, which protect and regenerate the skin.

Caviar – what does this valuable ingredient do in the composition?

It has an extremely strong effect on the skin’s protective barrier, preventing water loss. It exceptionally regenerates and stimulates skin cells to renew, making it look much younger.

The bio-elements and vitamins contained in it restore the important firmness and beautiful glow. As a nutrient, it also provides mega doses of substances that penetrate deeply.

Its lifting properties and delaying aging processes are an important element of a luxurious face cream!

luxury face creams

Wild rose – the last ingredient of magical Soberbia

Vitamin combination C and carotene gives amazing skin brightening effects. So they are addressed to all people who want to improve and even out the tone of their face!

The effect of hydroacids, which have exfoliating properties, is interesting. They generally improve the condition of the skin by preventing the thickening of the stratum corneum and the formation of blackheads.

Phew…..I described all the raw materials used, I hope in detail!

The fact is that Unapologetic Luxury has been working on its composition for over 3 years. It is worth adding that the emulsifier that combines all the ingredients is a combination of beeswax and jojoba oil.

This extremely unique, luxurious face cream comes in an exclusive box made of Bubinga wood.

luxury face cream

So far, I have not seen such a combination of semi-finished products used in one cream. I am enchanted by the recipe, but above all by the uniqueness of every single ingredient used!

This is real luxury when you feel that everything is in its place and is not accidental. This is also the case here!

When the product is luxurious, it is said to be made of high-quality materials. However, when we are dealing with a luxurious cream, we can say that it was made of luxurious ingredients.

Unapologetic Luxury has done a great job creating something truly unique on a global scale. Every detail is thought out and used because it works and that’s what counts in specialized premium cosmetics.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave