Swiss cosmetics – truths and opinions

Swiss cosmetics

We often hear about their effectiveness and exclusivity – but what do they really represent? Swiss cosmetics? Or the statement that products coming from Switzerland are so delicious?

What practices do brands producing Swiss cosmetics use?

Many Swiss companies apply GMP Good Manufacturing Practices in their operations, i.e. standards of good manufacturing practice, which were originally developed for the pharmaceutical industry.

cosmetics from Switzerland
Natural Swiss cosmetics

Cosmetics contain substances that comply with the requirements of IFRA (International Fragrance Association). It promotes a sense of beauty and pleasure in manufactured products.

Not to mention other certificates needed for production and sale around the world. Here, manufacturers selling Swiss cosmetics passed the test with flying colors. Taking care of the quality and purity of production is the primary goal and priority.

Tests and numerous bacteriological checks guarantee the highest standards in the pharmaceutical and cosmetology industry – and the name Swiss cosmetics takes on a new meaning.

What do Swiss cosmetics do for the skin?

Each manufacturer uses different ingredients and praises their product differently. The Less Naturelles brand has eliminated substances responsible for the risk of causing allergies and unwanted skin reactions, using mainly natural ingredients.

natural Swiss cosmetics
Less Naturelles

Natural essential and fragrance oils are perfectly absorbed and are well tolerated by most people, even those prone to irritation.

Swiss natural cosmetics Less Naturelles are produced based on raw materials from the natural environment, which are completely biodegradable. These are not products of animal origin and do not contain any mineral oils, which, as we know, are derived from petroleum.

Moreover, these products contain natural biostimulants that clearly strengthen the substances found in our epidermis.

Swiss cosmetics – a breakthrough for the Karin Herzog brand?

Karin Herzog is a world leader in the production of oxygen cosmetics. Dr. Paul Herzog, like many scientists before him, was aware that oxygen had disinfecting properties and he was the first to stabilize it in a cream. It may seem strange – but oxygen is responsible for aging.

An interesting fact is that from the age of 14, the amount of oxygen in the facial skin decreases – unbelievable – but true! As humans age, we lose the ability to absorb and distribute oxygen throughout the body, especially in the skin.

Today we know – Swiss cosmetics by Karin Herzog support the penetration of the bactericidal agent oxygen deep into the dermis to cleanse its deep layers and expel bacterial toxins.

Swiss cosmetics by Karin Herzog
Oxygen Swiss cosmetics by Karin Herzog

So, after careful research, we can safely say that these cosmetics work – which is confirmed by numerous opinion-forming and global studies.