Art deco mirror – Cosi Tabellini

Art deco style mirror

Does today’s interior have to be modern and extremely perfect? Why not try something unique like stylish? art deco mirror.

You must know that contemporary design icons love to combine styles. They can skillfully transition from minimalism to baroque and vice versa in one room. The current approach to architecture is changing, which is why we often return to products such as the art deco mirror.

This is an expression of our respect for old techniques, designs and a typical craftsmanship approach to making products. We love what is unconventional, different and luxurious. So we are even more pleased to write about such unique products.

Art deco mirror
Art deco mirror

This style does not lose the decorativeness of the Art Nouveau style. Because it was created in response to the Art Nouveau lack of formal rigor. Designers associated with Art Deco managed to tame the element of Art Noveau and encapsulate it in the geometrization of forms, as evidenced by, among others, an Art Deco mirror.

Art deco style mirror – a jewel of applied art

This unique product can add strength to the entire room and create a different, responsive atmosphere.Subdued styles and modernist forms call for such a unique creation as an art deco mirror.

Today’s designer liberalism of forms allows you to combine what seemingly does not fit together. Many world-famous designers have learned this by creating and mixing what was once considered a mess.

The combination of bold, contrasting materials and art deco products is the crème de la crème of the essence of architectural art.

art deco mirror
Art deco mirror for a woman

Art deco mirror – Cosi Tabellini

Italian manufacture Cosi Tabellini is a unique and extraordinary manufacturer that produces masterpieces of applied art from pewter. It draws its deep inspirations from past eras and the impeccable creativity of its own architects. This is an exceptionally unique and original brand in the 21st century, where mass production surrounds us from every side.

Most products, including the art deco mirror, are made of the magical material pewter. If no one knows yet what it consists of, I will quickly explain.

And so…..

Pewter is also known as Tin, an alloy of three metals: tin (90-98%), antimony (0.5-8%) and copper (0.25-2.5%). It is a very charming and durable material, perfect for designing original decorative ornaments.

Tabellini offers not only products such as an art deco mirror, but also other interesting and stylish accessories. Here you will find eccentric candlesticks, decorative trays, mantel clocks and many beautiful and stylish interior items.

Art deco mirror – art or product?

Art deco mirrors
Italian art deco mirror

Such an elegant product will definitely find its fans, because it is a story enclosed in a beautiful mirror. A story that likes to repeat itself and come back with its own style and class. Today, when we strive so hard and look for modern decorations, our customers return to the past with nostalgia. This is where we look for inspiration for decorating their stylish interiors.

It is from ancient times that Italian designers bring tangible evidence of beauty and the synonym of class. Traditional manufacturing techniques combine with modern technologies to create luxurious and bold goods. We love handmade things, that’s why we love presenting them to you.

That’s why we believe so much that an art deco mirror is undoubtedly an exclamation point among other standard products.