Millionaires’ holidays – travel destinations

millionaires' holiday

Does millionaires’ holiday we associate them with the sea, mountains or lakes. However, it turns out that you can spend your holidays in completely different places than those we know from our holiday trips.

Millionaires try to outdo each other in discovering newer and newer islands, islets and places to which ordinary people simply cannot enter. There is no hustle, bustle or paparazzi.

Millionaires’ holidays – what places are we talking about?

holidays for millionaires
Millionaires’ vacation – paradise island

Exciting destinations include Musha Cay. This little-known name covers a chain of four islands in the Exuma archipelago in the southern part of the Bahamas. The entire complex also includes three smaller islands, located in the vicinity of the largest of them – Musha Cay.

It’s a truly magical place for a millionaire’s vacation, where there is absolutely nothing except sand and unimaginably blue water. To spend a night there, you just need to pay $40,000.

Why so expensive? Because the island is so exclusive that it can only be rented exclusively.

The only mini-resort on this island can accommodate 11 guests, and the price includes meals, diving and deep-water fishing. Private fireworks display is subject to an additional charge.

A millionaire on vacation
Millionaires’ holidays also include diving in the ocean

Millionaires’ holidays – luxurious islands

Tuscany is still one of the most popular destinations for millionaires. Probably due to the lack of paparazzi and the possibility of obtaining quite a lot of privacy. The cheapest hotels in Tuscany are barns converted into living quarters, where you can pay $4,000 for a week’s vacation. The cheapest!

Seychelles is a name probably known to everyone. The island nation located in the Indian Ocean is close to Madagascar and delights almost everyone. Amazing blue waters y, its crystal transparency and the world’s popular houses on the water are just a few of the hallmarks of this country.

These well-known cottages, or villas, must be rented for at least 3 days, and their price starts from $3,000 per day. The Seychelles undoubtedly remain on everyone’s dream list, but only the richest people in the world can spend their holidays there…

Holidays for millionaires
Seychelles – an exclusive island for travel

Except for the quiet and stunning blue ones the islands that are most popular for millionaires’ holidays are also among them Dubai (with the world’s most expensive six-star hotel), Paris and New York with the famous Four Seasons.

The holiday destination, of course, depends on the individual preferences of the millionaire and the place he lives. However, for several years now, the most beautiful islands with clean sand and crystal clear water have been among the most frequently visited places.