Elegant glass and crystal – Cre Art brand

elegant glass and crystal

Today, if you have funds and time, you can start any brand. In the 21st century, when large companies outsource their production to other entities, the clarity and message of the company have become so important.

There are no shortcuts to luxury, so multi-generational factories have much more to offer in this respect than simple outsourcing. A father giving his son family recipes for luxury production gives us a great sense of taste.

Our boutique Luxury Products I look for such gems that are a taste in themselves. And when someone offers us bulk products, which are available in every online store, I am categorically against them.

Italian Cre Art it is the taste of luxury. Something that cannot be produced quickly and cheaply in Asia.

Elegant glass and crystal – the achievements of the four founders

When they meet four people whose profession is passion and the will to live – it cannot be a coincidence. In 1968, a meeting of a glass and crystal expert, a master craftsman of metal and metal castings, and an engraver was held in Empoli.

These people decided that they would produce beautiful artistic things made of high-quality glass and crystal. There would be nothing strange about it, after all, elegant glass and crystals are made all over the world….

This is why Cre Art clearly focused on the classics based on decorations from 18th and 19th century residences and palaces located in Italy, England and France. Where glass and crystal were inextricably combined with metal and 24-carat gold.

decorative crystals
elegant gold-plated crystals
crystals, elegant glass
luxury crystals
decorative table glass

Elegant glass and crystal for alcohol

I remember well, this is where my fascination with this brand began. When I saw extremely charming and exclusive accessories for tasting drinks, I knew that Luxury Products had to have it.

Hand-painted elegant glass and crystal looks truly luxurious. Cre Art often combines glasses, carafes and entire alcohol sets with stylish trays. Copper is used wherever possible – which, combined with glass, is impressive!

The Italian manufacturer offers entire sets for whisky, cognac, wine and vodka. The choice is very wide, so everyone will find something for themselves – especially lovers of true luxury.

elegant champagne set
luxurious crystal decanters
luxurious crystal glasses
luxury glasses and carafes for alcohol
decorative crystals for the table

Elegant glass and crystal for the table

This luxury brand from Empoli produces many interesting products, in addition to the above-mentioned alcohol accessories, they also offer themplates and trays, candlesticks, coffee and tea sets, lamps, bowls, plates and vases.

There is definitely a tendency to focus on table equipment and decorations. Cre Art mainly specializes in these two aspects. Naturally, we also make products at the customer’s request.

So let’s start with an exclusive table guide to truly original coffee and tea sets. Made of glass and brass, for me they represent luxury at a very high level. What determines prestige and uniqueness here is the combination of two materials.

luxury glasses for coffee and tea
elegant tea sets
stylish tea sets

Hand-painted plates– this is also a significant part of Cre Art’s production. Intricately crafted patterns by craftsmen create very prestigious dining accessories. In several cases, decorated with gold, they give a specific feeling of the past lofty eras.

An extremely important fact is the ability to configure and combine plates with glasses and other elite table accessories. So that the entire set is in the same line – this is really important and cool.

gold plated plates
stylish hand-painted plates
hand-painted plates

Elegant glass and Cre Art crystal are also candlesticks. First of all, in the classic palace atmosphere, but also, what makes me personally happy, in new, modern versions. Moreover, Cre Art is trying to bring more and more freshness to its products, designing in a more designer style.

Elegant glass and crystal – the absolute crème de la crem of the factory are vases, plates and bowls

A luxurious vase, platter or bowl must have appropriate weight, quality of raw material and massiveness. And that’s what the Cre Art brand does – it just does it. Many of these products are a perfect combination of brass and glass or crystal.

This makes the item exceptionally luxurious, large, heavy and, above all, representative. It is not a skinny shell and a poor copy made of poor quality materials. Just an object on which everyone, colloquially speaking, will fix their eyes…..

I love brass bases combined with glass or crystal. It is something amazing and downright luxurious. You don’t need many words and gestures to know that we are dealing with real, unpretended luxury!

extravagant table plate
elegant vase for the living room
crystal bowls for the living room
crystal vase for the living room
crystal vase for the living room
crystal vases and plates

The manufacturer also offers a wide range of individual table and decorative accessories. These include trays, ashtrays, napkin holders, olive oil and vinegar containers and many other exclusive decorative goods.

For me, Cre Art is a pure luxury brand that has known what it wants and listened to the needs of the global market for several decades! An extraordinary combination of tradition, passion and craftsmanship are the basic ingredients of success.

Sometimes it is enough for one good product to brighten up and add expressiveness to the interior. This is the case with Cre Art products – they are real works of art. The production is not fake, the same patterns have been used for years.

To make the product luxurious, you need several ingredients, just like in a good soup. Cre Art is a very luxurious soup, cooked by the best chefs!Save