Aurora pens – design and captivating history of the brand

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Few people realize that Aurora pens have been produced for almost a hundred years. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, in 1919 the first model of the pen from this extraordinary manufacture was released.

Love for design, feeling, beauty and culture – these are the values ​​that have influenced the image of this Italian company for years. That’s why the people who created it and are still creating it today are very unique personalities.

Aurora pens – what contribution did Albe Steiner make?

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Albe was intensely involved with the anti-fascist movement in Italy. It was he who encouraged Italy to develop modern visual culture.

Thanks to his involvement, unique models of fountain and ballpoint pens were created. Aurora had its own hero and a rich personality, which in the post-war period was known in Italy for its cooperation with, among others, the following brands: Pirelli, Bertelli, Necchi, Arflex, and Lanerossi.

The next famous figure who created the image of Aurora feathers is Giampiero Maria Bodino. An extremely colorful and original man. Bodino is recognized as a designer of luxury goods, as evidenced by his cooperation with Gucci, Bulgari, Cartier and Dunhill.

Giampiero Bodino

Aurora feathers and its history

In 1943, the company’s headquarters was destroyed as a result of bombings in Turin. Hence, the production was moved to the northern part of the city’s suburbs, right next to the monastery and the church from Roman times, Abbadia di Stura.

Many businesses are run in the shadow of this phenomenal and spiritual monument. It gives an amazing atmosphere and something that cannot be described in any words. The cultural and intellectual development of the monks has a very encouraging effect on the factories operating there.

Today, in the third millennium, the brand wants to continue production of the highest taste, taking into account the long tradition and spirituality of this place.

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Aurora pens – research on brand development

The owners constantly cooperate with the European Institute of Design and the School of Arts and Crafts in Turin. Because it is young people who set modern and design trends, as well as analysis and research on innovative materials.

The company is the subject of research and discussion in relation to diploma theses for students from various universities. At the Faculty of Economics and Commerce, young people work on case studies to achieve better results in the international marketing and image of Aurora pens.

Aurora feathers – a unique gift for every occasion

We deeply believe that these products are unique. And the uniqueness of the items makes them perfect as a dream gift! Feathers are quite a traditional and proven idea, but the Aurora brand is more than just an ordinary template.

Designed by Italian design masters, they are very popular among aesthetes and lovers of good design.

We must realize the originality and prestige of this famous manufacture. Therefore, let us always remember when looking for a special gift for another person. Because these are Aurora pens – with soul, artistry and great character.

A product that shows that history and people have created something amazing and very peculiar.

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