Max Weber – American painter of Polish origin

Who is Max Weber?
Life and Max Weber

Max Weber was considered one of the greatest American painters. He was the first propagator and representative of cubism in the United States. An extraordinary figure and highly recognized for his achievements.

Few people in Poland know that Max was born in multicultural Białystok in 1881 into an Orthodox Jewish family. As a ten-year-old boy, he emigrated to the USA, where he and his family lived in a part of Brooklyn called Williamsburg.

The most expensive paintings by Polish painters

max weber painter

One of the most expensive paintings in Polish painting is ”New York” by Max Weber, depicting the city of New York. The work was painted in oil in 1912 and sold for $1,659,500.

So far, few artists from our country can boast of such an amount of money.

Max’s career

Max Weber studied under Arthur Wesley Dow at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn in 1899-1900. Then he went to Paris, where he studied at the Académie Julian.

In France, the artist reflected a wide spectrum of revolutionary art, which also influenced his subsequent stay in the United States. At the American Artists Congress, he openly talks about his left-wing political sympathies.

In his rich work, Max Weber referred to Fauvism and Cubism, and later in his life he became fascinated with expressionism and abstraction.

According to Weber: “To see a work of art by chance or en passant is a very pleasant experience; but encountering a painting, the spirit of its creator, is a participatory seeing that brings not joy but elation.”

Max Weber – recognition and fame

paintings by max weber

Max Weber was appreciated all over the world. His works decorate the most elite art galleries, including in Rome, New York and Tel Aviv. Paintings by this international artist are a great treat for art collectors, which is why they are highly sought after.

Although the painter arouses great interest, he is somewhat forgotten in his hometown of Białystok… which is a pity

The artist died on October 4, 1961 in Great Neck, USA, leaving behind a rich spiritual and artistic legacy.