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elegant photo albums for children

Italians have a natural freedom to design beautiful things with a unique look. Most of the products I am looking for for my store come from southern Europe. And although I have noticed great progress in domestic manufactures, I still say that elegant photo albums for children from Italy are the most beautiful!

What determines the final aesthetics of such a product is primarily its lightness and unique play of colors. The materials used are definitely important – although in this case rather secondary….

Elegant photo albums for children – unlimited imagination by Giemme

Giemme Manufaktura is a specialist in design luxury photo albums. Generally, most of the production consists of stylish eco-leather products. Large, unconventionally bound photo books made a great impression on me from the moment I saw them.

Many of them look like old products, neatly bound in real leather. With one small difference, first of all it is eco-leather. This is the brand’s nod to people who have different views on natural leather products.

Another thing is elegant photo albums for children. Here you can see the great imagination of Italian designers. During the production process, Italians can finally show their wild imagination, which created the greatest works of art in the modern world.

photo albums for children
photo album for children
elegant photo album for children

Elegant photo albums for children – what are their dimensions?

The smallest available sizes are 24 x 30 cm. There are 30 pages inside, separated by the same number of tissue paper pages to protect the photos. The average size is 30 x 30 cm, and similarly to its predecessor, it has 40 pages for photos and 40 tissue papers.

After all, the largest album is 33 x 33 cm. And like its predecessor, it has 40 pages and tissue papers inside. Elegant photo albums for children are not ancient books to store thousands of documents in. The design and number of pages are traditional, as in most products of this type in the world.

stylish photo albums for children
stylish photo album for children

Elegant photo albums for children – what are they made of?

Personally, I associate the materials used with something delicate and very pleasant. Eco-leather, warm suede, light linen fabric or rice paper These are stylish and extremely elegant materials. Some of the albums have silver-plated inserts on the cover of the page.

Giemme’s collection includes products that look very elite. They are also popular, but for older children. These are products mainly made of eco-leather. Suitable for first communion or birthday.

Beautiful products for children should not be dripping with gold and glitter, which is why manufacturers pay so much attention to this when designing their albums.

elegant photo album for children
elegant photo albums for children's photos
elegant handmade albums for children
elegant albums for children
Elegant photo albums for children – does color matter?

It seems that is right! But let’s start from the beginning. Colors and the way they are perceived by our senses have been subjected to numerous scientific studies. And what was found? Well, colors similar to red, including pink, are assigned to women, especially girls.

Their genotype makes them more desirable for these shades. Producers and designers picked up on this. That’s why most pink toys and products are dedicated to girls and blue ones to boys.

So then elegant photo albums for children are they in the right colors? Of course, Giemme made sure that customers could choose between a boyish blue color and a feminine pink color. For this purpose, most albums simply come in two colors. Simple – right?

It would seem that in the era of digitization and the general digitization of the world, elegant photo albums for children are a relic of the past. Nothing could be further from the truth, because it is a classic of the genre. A product that has always been on our shelves.

Additionally, many of them have it inside a diary with space for your own entries. This is a very original addition!

Something we were very attached to. Of course, this is directly related to the photos we put there. But from relationships with customers, I know that albums will not disappear from our homes.

We are strongly connected with objects from our childhood, so we try to pass these experiences on to our children. Show how beautiful the world can be without a tablet in hand. With memories glued into a cute children’s album.

And this is the essence of luxury and well-made products from Italy.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave