A 60th birthday gift for a man – handmade

60th birthday gift for a man

Today, old age is just a number. Meaningless statistics that say that someone close to you is turning sixty. If you are still wondering which one to choose 60th birthday gift for a man, be sure to read this article.

There were certainly various occasions, including the most important ones, such as an 18th birthday or turning 40. However, turning 60 in scientific terminology means the beginning of old age. Whether we like it or not, this is how ‘wise people’ defined it.

A 60th birthday gift for a man – a review of the day

When you have friends who are approaching sixty, you think about an original gift for this important occasion. I think that, like me, you feel that most of what we see in stores is just poor….

Ok, I’ve taken the liberty of making a short review of what we can find as a 60th birthday gift for a man. Something made of wood – an engraved cutting board. Please, no cutting boards with silly signs on them.

Or maybe made in Asia?

Chinese cufflinks? Buy a product of this quality yourself!After all, it’s my 60th birthday, something unique and quite important. What other flowers did I find? Lots of carafes made in China, usually of poor quality.

Replica weapons are really out of fashion now, so I won’t try to describe them. Or maybe a beer mug with an original inscription – I am the master of my belly, or something like that. This is very funny, believe me, I’m still in convulsions. I actually cry and admire this product.

There is also a photo with an inscription, chocolates in various shapes, a meeting with a dietitian, teeth whitening and a whole lot of other anti-gifts for this occasion.

A 60th birthday gift for a man – my suggestions

1. Antique-style document binders

Some time ago, we introduced the English brand The Original Book Works to our market. Specializing in the production of unique and stylish products, mainly for desks. They have a really wide offer at quite friendly prices.

A 60-year-old man has a lot of papers and documents. Which, you have to keep somewhere, that’s why it’s the perfect 50th birthday gift for a man. It goes perfectly with the books on the shelf. Additionally, the manufacturer can make any inscription you want.

For me, it is a luxurious and original gift. The cost for one binder is approximately PLN 110 gross in the LuxuryProducts.pl store

60th birthday idea
ideas for 60th birthday
60th birthday gifts for men
60th birthday gift idea for a man

2. Conceptum notebook by Sigel

The German company Sigel is a leader in its industry. More than a dozen international awards speak for themselves. Perfection in the execution of their products has led them to great global renown.

If it’s going to be special 60th birthday gift for a man, undoubtedly such a product is an elegant black notebook. You say – okay, but what’s so original about it? You know what? – All. It is an incredibly ergonomically designed work of applied art. It has everything that a good, high-quality product for a man should have.

Comfortable and designer…

In addition to its exclusive design, it closes with a convenient magnet. A pen holder and many compartments for documents and business cards give you an advantage over the competition. Why such an idea for 60? I think many of these people don’t use tablets and smartphones – simple!

194 pages and the option of engraving gives a great sense of style. We will pay over PLN 120 for this product, which is a lot – certainly not considering the quality and precision of workmanship.60th birthday gift for him

birthday gifts for 60-year-olds
original gift for a 60-year-old
idea for a gift for a man for his 60th birthday
3. A 60th birthday gift for a man – a bit of a classic

Again, a German brand, but ok. They just do good things:) Alcohol-related gifts are a tradition, so it couldn’t be missing. IN Luxury Products we value well-made and truly luxurious products. Therefore, the next proposition is the company Arnstadt Kristall, specializing in crystal design.

Let me start by saying that this factory produces hand-cut and blown crystal. And believe me, this is a fundamental difference from Asian products. As a reference, I chose a carafe for alcohol, capacity 0.7 – because 0.5 is not enough for us!

what about the original crystal?

When talking about a real crystal product, I mean a product containing 24% lead oxide. Personally blown and shaped by a steelworker, it has its own soul. Cuts are made using diamond discs, so we feel silk to the touch.

Arnstadt has all the features of a real factory, but handwork costs money. In this case, carafe prices with a capacity of 0.7 l they start from several hundred zlotys.

birthday gift for a 60-year-old man
alcohol gift for a 60-year-old mangifts and souvenirs for a 60-year-old man on his birthdayA 60th birthday gift for a man must be of high quality
4. Time for friends – a 60th birthday gift for a man

I think, or actually I’m sure, that 60 years old has more free time. Therefore, various types of party game accessories are a good gift idea. I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t introduce at least one Italian brand.

I love Italian companies because that’s where it all started. Creazioni Morini is a multi-generational business that is based on products made of real wood. These are mainly tables for poker, billiards and other well-known games.

You can do anything with your friends….

I chose a multi-functional enchanted chest for games in chess, poker, checkers and roulette. The set also includes dealer’s rakes, tokens, cards and pawns. When friends come to your friend’s house, you will be able to play whatever game suits them best at any time.

There is plenty of space for an engraving or nameplate. Therefore, it is a very attractive idea as a 60th birthday gift for a man. Is it perfect, it is definitely original and one of a kind!

The amount for this pleasure is approximately PLN 3,000. This may be a big expense, but I took it into account when several people are buying a gift.

for his 60th birthday
a gift for him for his 60th birthday
for his 60th birthday

5. A 60th birthday gift for a man – practical and always in place!

When we get older, we often say that our eyesight is not the same anymore. So the last idea is a concept that is very often used in practice. Pulares and glasses cases are often sought after by people who carry them with them.

This time I am presenting the Spanish brand Absolute Breton. What can I say about them… if you have been doing something you love for 30 years, you create quality that is out of this world. And this is the case with this manufacture. Its leather products have an extremely solid finish and a luxurious style.

Breton uses only natural leather for its products, mainly cow and sheep. We can choose from a palette of colors and structures, so everyone will find something for themselves!

Prices start from over PLN 100. For a product made of natural leather, it is not much.

60th birthday gift for a man
60th birthday gift for a man – made in Italy
ideas for 60th birthday
ideas for 60 for him

You can find inspiration for your 60th birthday gifts everywhere. However, from my observations, these products are a bit ridiculous, for someone who is just turning 60. Of course, you cannot take this age very seriously, but we show respect by making the right choice about what we will bring to the birthday boy.SaveSaveSaveSave