How to care for porcelain – clean or wash?

how to care for porcelain

Most of us have it, but not everyone knows it how to care for porcelain. It is a very delicate material and a little knowledge will be useful to everyone.

Without them, important family celebrations, business meetings and meetings of the world’s greatest politicians could not take place. Porcelain. This is where we eat exquisite dishes, elaborately prepared at home or in the best restaurants. To boast about the beauty of your porcelain tableware, it is worth learning a few ways to care for delicate porcelain.

porcelain cleaning
How to care for porcelain?

How to care for porcelain – the first rule – gently!

Contrary to the prevailing opinion that ordinary dishwashing liquid is best for cleaning, for some types of porcelain (especially decorations!) it is best to use warm water with soap. It may happen that the detergents contained in the liquid will permanently damage the delicate surface of the porcelain and reduce the intensity of its decorations. This hand-painted item should be washed in cold water with lemon, always with a cloth, never with a sharp sponge!

How to clean and care for porcelain
Porcelain is a delicate raw material

If you want to know how to care for porcelain, do you need to know how to deal with sediment and dirt? Dampen a soft cloth with warm water and sprinkle with baking soda. Dirt and traces of lipstick or tea will disappear in a few seconds. If you want to restore your grandmother’s old china, just soak the cotton wool in bleach and leave it for a maximum of 2-3 hours. After such treatment, the porcelain should be washed in soapy water.

Depending on the production, learn how to care for the porcelain

Caring for porcelain
Exclusive porcelain requires proper care

It turns out that the dishwasher can destroy some types of porcelain. By purchasing one set ask if it can be washed in a dishwasher, because only glazed or glazed porcelain can be washed by machine. This is an in-enamel method that protects the color and porcelain decorations. If you use another method, unfortunately you have to wash the dishes by hand.

How and how to care for porcelain to avoid chips, dust, dirt and other mechanical damage?

how to care for porcelain
Elegant porcelain loves to be clean!

The best place for such a service is a sideboard or a locked cabinet. However, before you put them in the cabinet, be sure to wipe the individual parts with a paper towel. This will prevent dust and scratches! Save