Pen with a diamond – a writing luxury from the USA

Feather with a diamond

Exclusive pen with diamond it doesn’t have to be included in the price of a good car. I found this out when I presented the products of the American manufacturer David Oscarson at Luxury Products.

The brand is very original and at the same time not located in Europe. American David Oscarson decided to create an elite company producing luxury writing instruments. As you can see, the project was 100% successful.

Collectors from all over the world know each new collection of this manufacturer well, so its recognition is at an international level.

Feathers with diamonds
American pen with diamond – store

Harlequin diamond pen

As the name suggests, the entire look of this electrifying one feathers comes from the French Pierrot, from the famous comedy Dell”arte. The pantomime costume is associated with pranks and clowning. That’s why the product uses vivid, colorful materials with a clear reference to rhombuses.

Most of Oscarson’s collection is produced in quantities of 88 pieces. So many and many of these beautiful writing instruments must satisfy customers from all over the world!

Luxurious feathers with diamonds
Harlequin was the inspiration for David Oscarson

What is the David Oscarson diamond pen made of?

The manufacturer used 18-carat gold and 925 silver. Each precious metal component goes through a painstaking engraving process. Which in the final stage gives amazing results.

All Harlequin models have 3 diamonds (016 carats each): one at the top of the crown, one at the bottom of the barrel and one in the clip. That’s why an American pen with a diamond is impressive. The nib is designed and entirely manufactured in Germany. Made of 18 carat gold, rhodium-plated – all to ensure long durability. Which, in my opinion, does not require any comments for such a prestigious product….

pen with diamond
Feather with a diamond – an excellent gift

A pen with a diamond as an exclusive gift for a contractor

I met many customers who were looking for an original and unique business gift. In big trade, as in life, the old principle of savoir-vivre applies. Therefore, after successful conversations or at the end of a project, you should give something from the top shelf.

It is a gesture that will be remembered for a long time and every customer knows well the taste of a tasteful gift. David Oscarson’s diamond pen is perfect for such a subtle gift. Of course, the question of how it will be packed and what to engrave on it is a separate article. Save