Columns for interiors – an original and luxurious addition

indoor columns

What is inextricably linked to design prestige is Italian indoor columns. Exclusively made, majestic and beautifully decorated, they give our living rooms an amazing atmosphere.

When our country underwent a real metamorphosis in the 1990s, products that had not been available before began to reach us. Products such as Greek columns and artistic stucco were extremely fashionable. Then native ones architects They willingly used this type of solutions when designing and arranging elegant rooms.

What are indoor columns made of?

Columns for elegant interiors
Italian columns for interiors – store

The most luxurious ones produced they are made of good quality ceramics, less often porcelain. This is because it is very expensive and making such a large porcelain item involves huge costs.

Italians known for their unconventional design decorate their products with 24-carat gold, platinum and Swarovski crystals. It is undoubtedly charming and looks extremely exclusive.

Such interior columns can brighten up many a gloomy and majestic apartment.It is in the south of Europe that the largest factories producing these magical goods, mainly from ceramics, are located. Italian craftsmen are truly highly skilled and know what they are doing, designing exquisite works of decorative art.

columns for living rooms
Interior columns made of ceramics

Where should indoor columns be placed?

Experts say that this elegant decorative accessory should be placed in a corner, next to a chest of drawers, a display cabinet or a wall with a TV set. But in fact, the place itself is not important, what is important is to choose the right model for our decor.

There are minimalist, richly carved and luxuriously decorated columns for interiors, so the choice is very large. Italians love interesting and original decorations on pillars. Like intricately crafted fruit and plant motifs.

Products made in this way are extremely prestigious, and the addition of gold and platinum significantly increases their rank.

Ceramic accessories – columns for interiors

Most manufacturers produce entire ceramic collections for pillars. These include jugs, vases, plates, mirrors, dressing tables and other interesting accessories. So many people, apart from the columns themselves, choose other products made of high-quality ceramics. Several elegant items from the collection create one coherent whole.

indoor column
Column with a beautiful decorative vase

From what I noticed, the most popular and selected model are ceramic lamps. They arouse admiration and desire.

The manufacturers also made complete sets, i.e. interior columns with a standing lamp or a luxurious vase standing on top of the pillar.

This set is truly impressive, especially since some of them reach over 2 meters!

When designing our stylish interiors, let’s not forget about original columns made of ceramics – they never get old… Save