What to buy for a Ferrari enthusiast?


We only love premium products, so we will not offer anything that is not properly made. Moreover, if someone drives an iconic car, they need the highest quality emotions in the form of a luxurious gift. You will never buy an apartment at the price of a studio apartment, or a good brand at the price of mass production.

So our proposals will only be of good style, but above all of great quality, because that’s what the super premium industry is all about. Where in its hierarchy is undoubtedly the Ferrari brand. A symbol of prestige, design and a sense of power.

Chess for a fan of the iconic Ferrari car

Our partner, The Chess Empire brand, is a real empire that creates the highest quality chess for conscious players from all over the world. And it was they who designed exceptionally luxurious chess pieces for loving people Ferrari. They were made of boxwood and ebony, i.e. selected types of wood, to further emphasize their value.

For me, it’s an original gift that will certainly provide many unforgettable experiences. Additionally, the person celebrating their holiday can have an engraving on one of the verticals on the wood. I don’t think anything else needs to be added here, because a good product will speak for itself.

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Car models for Ferrari enthusiasts

On the other hand, I would like to present car models in collector scales, i.e. 1:12, 1:18, 1:24, 1:43. Someone will say that this is a trivial idea gift, but originality is close to banality. I would never mention such products, but our partner Classic Model Cars from Germany creates real works of decorative art.

There are even the smallest details that will delight every car fan. You can see the nuances of the engine, the upholstery, the entire interior, everything is precisely reproduced and solidly made. The car itself has its weight, as befits a solid collector’s car, but above all, the company creates its models using authentic fabrics and materials.

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There are no lies or weak points here, so this product can be given to the most demanding horse fan! Finally, I will add that the prices of these exclusive collector cars are not outrageous and they can be purchased for over PLN 2,000,000.