Nautical gifts – my luxurious inspirations

nautical gifts

If you have ever been looking for an idea for… nautical gifts, this article will dispel all your doubts. When you have a sea and ocean enthusiast at home who has a birthday, you start looking for something original and unique. Well, I emphasize the word unique because most of the products on our market are just trash.

Nautical gifts – a small overview of the most popular ideas

What catches the eye are various types of brass sextants, compasses, compasses and other navigation devices. They are usually replicas or maritime tools made in Asia, cleverly imitating them.
Whether they work or not – in most cases yes.

However, they all have one thing in common – they are very similar to each other. Golden color in a wooden box. Something that is supposed to be very reminiscent of old, distant times and at the same time cool!

And why should this be a scheme?

I don’t buy this idea of ​​nautical gifts. For me, these are very formulaic things that I encounter everywhere. It is more difficult to find something that will arouse desires in the person receiving the gift. The product is made of high-quality materials and one that will surprise with its originality.

Whether it will be a classic maritime gift or a more modern one. It must be a handmade product, and if not handmade, at least of high quality. Today we are all looking for great brands, but most of them are of poor quality.

Nautical gifts – my list

For years, we have been trying to find brands that are not available in other stores. We carefully search for such gems all over the world. One of them that we discovered is the Virtus 1945 manufacture. This Spanish company specializes in creating elegant bronze products.Its extensive offer includes, among others, goods perfect for nautical gifts.

The ones I chose for you are related to the rudder, anchor and fisherman. Perhaps the patterns are a bit repetitive, but they are woven into unconventional ideas. Because isn’t a shoehorn with a steering wheel something surprising?

sailor gifts
nautical gifts for him

gifts for a sailor

Nautical gifts – incl marine and ocean creatures made of porcelain

RG Porcellane is an Italian brand that is about entire comprehensive article. What I can say about her is only positive. All products ordered by our customers were made as precisely as possible. The combination of porcelain with gold and Swarovski crystals gives an amazing final effect.

shell nautical gifts 1
nautical gifts fish
gift for a sailor 2
gift for a sailor 1
a gift for a sailor

Such unique and charming items will surely bring a lot of emotions to the person who receives them. In my opinion, it is something really unique, and well packaged. Oh, and by the way, packaging – since we offer this service only in Italian decorative paper, we see the increasing satisfaction of our customers. This is definitely an additional advantage when giving a gift!

Nautical gifts – interior design

Gifts for another person are not only trinkets and gadgets. Often, an everyday product such as a lamp, a candlestick or a stylish photo frame is much more fun than just a decoration. Here I chose an Italian ceramics manufacturer. F.L. Orgy is a classic example of a multi-generational traditional factory designing beautiful ceramic patterns.

The motifs featured in this brand’s products are mainly shells and coral reef elements. Everything is very neatly and skillfully integrated – it creates one original whole. Ocean mirrors, vases and jewelry boxes are great ideas for nautical gifts. After all, not everything has to be associated with a ship…

nautical gifts for her
sea ​​lamps for gifts
sea ​​gifts
ocean decorations
ocean gifts

Maritime gifts – alcohol accessories for him

Often, a gift for a man is clearly associated with alcohol. This is also the case here. The Spanish brand Credan Sa is a brand that produces beautiful things from high-quality materials. These two bars that I am presenting to you are made of the following materials: wood, zinc alloy, leather, 24 carat gold or glass.

One of them is dedicated to vodka tasting, the other to brandy. Cape Horn is a nod to the border between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. A magical place, very difficult due to bad weather conditions. The vodka bar is called Cape Dezhnev, which is the most eastern point of Asia.

The names are not accidental and always carry inspiring stories that the recipient can talk about over a glass or a glass of good alcohol.

nautical gifts for him




Nautical gifts – absolute certainties

I was supposed to skip the classics, i.e. various types of compasses, compasses, sundials and hourglasses. But, my dears, it is so closely connected with the sea and water that I will not give it a second thought. These are really examples of frequently repeated products. However, there is one fundamental difference here!

Well, all these goods are manufactured by European factories and we stick to this, creating the Luxury Products brand for over 8 years.These classics are made of high-quality materials, with attention to every detail. The important thing here is to create it manually from scratch. It’s like the good old school of making a cutter, one mistake and it’s a dud. That’s why we avoid mass goods, something completely inappropriate for such a noble topic, and this is pure luxury. Anyway, see for yourself and decide if you like it!

sea ​​hourglass
nautical gifts don’t have to be standard
sea ​​hourglass

Always guided by choice good gift I think about its uniqueness and originality. These are the main criteria for which I look for inspiration for my store. Therefore, most of the products listed here meet these conditions. And I can wholeheartedly recommend them to someone who is looking for something different.SaveSaveSave