Anonimo watches – military luxury for men

Anonimo watches

Who among you knows exclusive ones? Anonymous watches? Produced by Italian master watchmakers straight from Florence.

The brand’s founders had a simple and clear goal. To build a product combining Florentine traditions, i.e. traditional Italian designs combined with Swiss quality and mechanics.

After a short time, the Vendome Group became interested in the manufacturer, bought the company and moved part of the production to Switzerland.

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Anonimo watches – rugged luxury

That’s why Anonimo watches, despite their short history, have already gained fame all over the world. An Italian manufacture founded by the outstanding designer Federico Massacesi and Dino Zei. The latter was handled by Officine Panarai – a company that produces watches for the Italian Navy.

What makes Anonimo watches unique?

Thanks to designers who worked for the Italian Navy, the products acquired many of the features of a military watch. Of course, some models only have certain features, but in general you can see the great influence of military design on the Anonimo brand.

The style presented by this brand is a bit rough and raw, but the whole thing really makes an amazing impression. Here you will find a lot of steel, chrome and good thick natural leather.

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Swiss-Italian product – Anonimo watches

According to the company’s philosophy, it was created one of the prestigious collections “OPERA MECCANA” (MECHANICAL WORK) – which is, above all, a precisely implemented concept. “Opera” is not only a musical form, but also a reference to the Latin “opus-operis”, meaning a work.

This work is the spirit of watchmaking craftsmanship. “Meccana” is a combination of the words “Meccanica” and “Arcana” – which means mechanical and mystical, and refers to the medieval esoteric term OPERA ARCANA.

High quality and Anonimo watches

Anonymous does not mean just any… that is why these unique products are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials. Including stainless steel, bronze and gold.The natural thick leather used adds fierceness and a very masculine style. Men all over the world love Anonimo watches.This is proven by very good sales in Europe and the USA.

Swiss precision has been known for many years, but combined with Italian finesse it gives a very luxurious new dimension.

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Anonimo military watches

Lovers of these unconventional products identify with hard teamwork, minimalism and honesty. These features are the image of an extremely strong man who cares about his loved ones.Every woman looking for an interesting and original gift for a man should consider a high-quality Anonimo product.Because it is a high-quality, strong watch that will certainly last for many years.

The manufacturer’s warranty and the materials used make Anonimo worth taking a closer look at.