Luxury table mats – which ones to choose?

Luxurious table mats

While looking for ideas for an elegant dining room and living room, we came across luxury table mats. Extremely bold and original products, but do they work in home conditions?

Currently, there is a wide selection of pads made of various materials on the market. The simplest ones are made of wood and a mixture of plastic materials resistant to high temperatures.

They have clear, vivid and fresh colors. Usually these are mass-produced Chinese designs, but you can find something for yourself.

luxurious placemat for dishes
Luxurious bronze table mats – Virtus 1945

What are luxury dish mats made of?

More prestigious products also include top-shelf raw materials. We can mention here stainless steel, bronze and other metals treated with silver plating.

The materials used are extremely important for premium goods. They define their quality and class, which cannot be provided by cheaper substitutes.

coasters for dishes
Mukul Goyal Luxury Coasters

Luxurious placemats made of bronze

The Spanish manufacture Virtus 1945 has designed very classic and unique products. One of them is a placemat for seafood dishes. The main motifs are shells with other marine life, perfectly integrated into high-quality bronze.

luxury placemats for dishes
Spanish brand Virtus 1945 – luxurious table mats

This Spanish product will look amazing on the dining room table or in an elegant living room. Of course, this is a pad dedicated to a pot with seafood, but it can also be used as a pan with warm shrimps or oysters.

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, which has amazing properties and is also resistant to abrasion, corrosion, steam and water. Therefore, it is ideal for long and practical use. Products such as luxury placemats must have appropriate resistance. Manufacturers know this, so better and stronger versions appear on the market. The factory, which produces very bold accessories designed by Mukul Goyal, chose chrome-plated brass.

The Italian brand Zanetto offers luxurious table mats made of silver-plated metal.

exclusive table mats
Silver-plated table mat – Italian manufacture Zanetto

There are many variations on this theme, the key is for the product to be well-designed, but more importantly, made of high-quality materials, as we have already emphasized.

Lovers of cooking and good taste in the dining room are sensitive to aesthetics. They are looking for bold products that will last for many years. You will be provided with such products by brands producing premium and super premium washers.