Top 5 most delicious ground coffees – Malongo brand

top 5 most delicious ground coffees

I love old and multi-generational manufactures because I know that true luxury takes years to develop. My Top 5 most delicious ground coffees, shows how important tradition is in producing particularly good quality food.

Large companies make good coffee, but for the masses. With huge global production, it is difficult to maintain high standards for the greatest coffee lovers.

Top 5 most delicious ground coffees – French brand Malongo and its piece of history

The company was founded in Nice in 1934. Initially producing 25 kg of coffee, the owners did not know what direction they would go. Soon the production increased to 100 kg, which meant the incredible taste of the roasted raw material and the very human face of Malongo.

malongo top 5 delicious ground coffees

This multi-generational factory focuses on the involvement of its own employees in its development. This is a typical approach in the production of high-quality products. Malongo closely follows the entire process – from the plantation to brewing coffee in a cup.

Such control contributes to the overall success of this French brand. Anyone who roasts coffee knows how complicated it is. That’s why creating something unique is not easy!

Technology and packaging

Malongo bakes as the good old recipe says. Only gradual and slow roasting gives the traditional taste and that’s it. You can write about the process itself, but not in this article.

Personally, I was charmed by the packaging. Black vacuum-sealed can with a beautiful colorful brand label. It may seem like nothing – but it makes a difference. Many of my friends were given such empty cans.

A good vacuum seal ensures a long shelf life of the products poured there. So after consuming it, everyone keeps it for themselves!

Top 5 most delicious ground coffees – Kenyan deliciousness

top 5 delicious ground coffees

Place 5

Five stars out of five possible in acidity, it is nothing else than Malongo Pur Kenya. Supposedly, it’s one of the best African Arabicas! Cultivated on the plantations of the Mont Kenia plain in the west of Nairobi.

The caffeine content is 1.36%, its bitterness and acidity make it recommended for desserts with red fruits, citrus fruits and sorbets. And it is truly a divine combination…..

Pur Kenya is slightly sour, with a refined taste, belonging to the variety of pure origin “Pures Origines”. This means that the Malongo brand selects this coffee from the most prestigious plantations. And this is the reason why I placed it in the Top 5 of the most delicious Malongo ground coffees.

kenya coffee top 5

In the shop Luxury Products the price for 250 g is PLN 106.

Arabica from Mexico – Top 5 most delicious ground coffees from Malongo

Place 4

It’s really a disappearing variety of coffee, so ” hurry up to drink good coffee ”. It is Mexican asparagus coffee with large beans. Anyway, look at the photo, you can see the difference between regular grain and Maragogipe.

ground coffee top 5

She has always been in demand in Europe for years. Its cultivation is also not easy, as it can thrive best above 2,000 feet. The baking process itself is a driving school, dedicated only to the best.

What causes that Maragogypewas it in the top 5 most delicious ground coffees in my list? I think that it is unique and that it is a disappearing product of the highest quality.

Some data

The caffeine content is 1.17%, body 2 stars out of 5, bitterness 1 star out of 5, and finally acidity – 3/5 gives a great effect. Shop price PLN 103

top 5 delicious ground coffee
Delicious Arabica – top 5 most delicious ground coffees

This old variety of botanical pure coffee has a delicate fruity flavor. The manufacturer suggests drinking it with sweet desserts and milk creams. It’s settled – there will be Maragotype, there will also be a great dessert….

And now it’s time for Brazil – Top 5 most delicious ground coffees

Place 3

the most delicious ground coffees top 5
Brazilian deliciousness

Personally, I love espresso, so Bresil Sul de Minas coffee Malongo brand she was on the box! It is a delicious, strong Brazilian coffee with a rich bouquet that leaves a long-lasting taste in the mouth.

Caffeine content 1.15%, bouquet 4 out of 5 stars, bitterness 3/5 and finally acidity one star out of 5. It creates a perfect combination with chocolate desserts and desserts with an intense, spicy aroma.

Brazilian coffee Bresil Sul de Minas Creates a perfect combination with delicious chocolate desserts and desserts with an intense, spicy aroma (star anise, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, coconut).


I love chocolate flavors and expressive espresso, which is why this product is in my top 5 most delicious ground coffees.The price for a 250 gram can is PLN 76 – it’s definitely worth it!

Haitian Bluer – top 5 of the most delicious ground coffees from Malongo

Place 2A very delicate black drink of the gods. Called by its admirers ”The Pearl of the Caribbean”. The caffeine content is 1.34%, the body is 3 stars out of 5, the acidity is 3/5, and finally the bitterness – only 2 stars out of 5.

Grown in Haiti in the tropical mountains, its taste is very similar to Blue Mountain, but of course it is much cheaper. Most coffee lovers clearly feel a subtle floral note in its taste. And this makes it a very appreciated product!

haiti coffee

A very important matter. Haiti is a country that has suffered a lot, especially in recent years, for various reasons. Mainly, this earthquake caused enormous poverty and human tragedy.

Therefore when you buy Haitian Bluer, you are making your own contribution to saving the huge Haitian population. There are many people there without any means of subsistence, and it is coffee plantations that provide them with a decent life. Let’s not forget about this, it is an extremely important matter!


The suggested price of PLN 106 makes it an exceptionally good value for money. That’s why, among other things, this product was ranked 2nd in my Top 5 most delicious ground coffees. Oh yeah!

Il numero uno – Top 5 most delicious Malongo ground coffees

1st place – gold medal

The most expensive of all the above-mentioned coffees, but when you drink it you will forget about the price….

BlueMontain grows on the eastern tip of Jamaica. It takes its name from the Blue Mountains, where it is most abundant.At an altitude of over 5,500 feet it has the best conditions for natural growth. It is very dense and humid there and it is said that this place is blessed by God. Hmmm, when you try it you may say the same…..

Number 1

An interesting fact is the state supervision over the originality of this black drink. Well, the Jamaican coffee industry has established a geographical boundary that defines and classifies it as Blue Mountain. Ok, some data.

Caffeine content 1.24%, bouquet 3/5 stars, bitterness 2/5 and acidity 3 stars out of 5. Recommended for all desserts, especially those with a subtle and delicate flavor.

You already know that it is one of the rarest and most desirable coffees in the world. But what is very important here is the smoking itself, which is done in a traditional way. I don’t need to mention that the beans are selected!


Prices are around PLN 300-330, which seems like a lot for a 250 gram can. However, when you try it, you will know why you are treating yourself to a frenzy of flavors on your palate.

My Top 5 most delicious ground coffees are based solely on the Malongo brand. Although the beans from which this company roasts its coffee are also used by other factories. So they are generally in worldwide circulation.

Of course, these are premium products, so they need to be classified as such. And in fact, the price in relation to the value of this French pre-war one manufacture is really unimportant.

The most important are flavors from all over the world, with notes of seas, oceans and the sun in which it was grown. What I recommend to you is to test at least one of these unique coffees.SaveSaveSaveSaveSave