Elegant sofas for the waiting room – never boredom again

elegant sofas for the waiting room

Today we have a really huge selection of various types of stylish furniture. I am looking for real and unique gems for my store. And such a factory is the Italian Sitia, which produces, among others elegant sofas for the waiting room.

Recently I wrote about a very prestigious one chair for the president of RA Mobili, however, these two brands are very different. First of all, the destination where they are to be located.

Sitia is true, unadulterated luxury. Which begins over 50 years ago…

sofas for the hall

Pergentino Battocchio is the founder of Siti, which has specialized in the production of exclusive armchairs and chairs for over 50 years. If you want to do luxury, you need to have experience in it. Pergentino used them 100%, which resulted in truly original and decent furniture.

Just outside Venice, Italian craftsmen design and produce these beautiful, elegant waiting room sofas every day. Everything is personally supervised by Pergentino, which is extremely important in such a complicated creation process.

Elegant sofas for waiting rooms – 10-year warranty???

elegant and stylish sofa for the waiting room

If the manufacturer gives for its products 10 years warranty he must be convinced of the perfection of what he produces. Yes, you read that right, Sitia provides a 5-year warranty for armchairs and chairs, and a ten-year warranty for sofas!

Elegant, handmade waiting room sofas will stand the test of time for a long time. We all know how long mass-produced furniture lasts and what it is made of. This is why luxury it must be associated with high quality and this is the case here. The Sitia brand is a high-quality product.

What does Sitia use to make elegant sofas for waiting rooms?

elegant sofas for a stylish waiting room
Elegant sofas for waiting rooms can surprise

These are primarily high-quality materials and natural leather. The choice of raw material colors is very wide and everyone can choose a shade that suits them. The frames must be solid, so stainless steel and aluminum were used.

Only good materials can make luxurious furniture.Sitia has 100% learned her lesson, so you won’t find cheap substitutes in their products!

Often, when customers ask why luxury is so expensive, I answer that it is a tedious and long production process. Manual work is expensive today, to better imagine it, watch this video.

Elegant sofas for the waiting room – luxurious minimalism

I love minimalism, and in… it is clearly noticeable in Sitia’s furniture. Simple, sometimes even cold lines, broken by the color and material used. They are mainly designed for halls, waiting rooms and various types of public interiors.

This form is dedicated to companies that want to stand out. For me, these are pieces of furniture that emphasize the prestige of the facility in which they are located. After all, the entrance and waiting room are the first impression on your customers.

Even an eye-catching plywood sofa can quickly end its life. Not to mention the purely aesthetic values. The combination of luxury with the absolute highest quality materials comes at a price. So we’ll see how many?

sitia - an elegant sofa for the waiting room
Sitia – www.luxuryproducts.pl

Prices for an elegant waiting room sofa start from 6 thousand zlotys in the material. In natural leather, the same mode costs PLN 7,700. However, for premium leather we will pay PLN 9,200. Is this a large sum?

Taking into account the hand-made product and the 10-year warranty, this is an adequate amount for the purchased goods. True luxury with tradition and good workmanship costs money, so don’t be surprised by the high prices.

Elegant sofas for waiting rooms will not fit everywhere

When considering minimalist furniture, you should know that it does not fit every room. Of course, simply designed sofas are easier to match than decorated ones, more so refined sofas.

Minimalism fits perfectly into more austere interiors, and this is the task of waiting rooms. There is always a fine line between good style and kitsch. I think Sitia brand she is exceptionally charming in what she designs.

And this is not about repetitive patterns that can be found on every corner. If you want your entire company to fit in well with this atmosphere – complement it with Sitia armchairs and chairs. As with sofas, this Italian brand produces designer seating furniture.

For each sofa, you can choose the right armchair model for your desk, as well as luxurious chairs of the same form. It will certainly highlight one whole consistency in what you do and how you have designed your workplace.

Armchairs and chairs are material for a separate article, so I won’t bore you. I would like you to understand what the phenomenon of Italian producers is. Made in Italy is a quality developed over many generations, forged with blood and sweat.

Italians love unique design, and as we all know, great things are born out of love. Sitia manufacture means high quality combined with unique designs. A brand that is increasingly boldly conquering new markets with its charm and professional knowledge.

And as we all know, it is increasingly difficult to be unconventional and reliable. When I was creating Luxury Products, I was guided by the uniqueness of each manufacturer. I can honestly say that Sitia is like that and I appreciate her for it.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave