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luxury hotel in stockholm

Sweden is a very beautiful country, and Stockholm is its international showcase. An extremely historic city, where monuments intertwine with Scandinavian modernity. If you want to stay in a magical place, check out the offer luxury hotel in Stockholm Nobis Hotel Stockholm.

Accommodation in Nobis puts you in an ideal location for walking around the city, as it is located in a central district called Norrmalmstorg. The Swedes call it simply City, the main point of Stockholm. It’s really close to everything, including the largest shops, restaurants, museums and everything you need in one place!

This is a completely different atmosphere from the last one hotel in Paris that I wrote about…

luxury hotels in stockholm

Luxury hotel in Stockholm – why Nobis Hotel Stockholm?

To half XVIII century it was an extremely mean district. In 1853, the square where the hotel building is located changed its name to Norrmalmstorg. From then on, things only got better, and the entire central space began to gain in prestige.

If you want to choose a luxury hotel in Stockholm, Nobis is a guarantee of a great experience. The most important convenience is, of course, the location, you are really close to everything.

When I’m looking for accommodation, I often look for the most advantageous location of the building in the city. And so it is in this case! Luxury this is where Nobis is located.

nobis in Stockholm

What the rooms look like – a luxury hotel in Stockholm

Most of them are rooms decorated in a modern and minimalist atmosphere. There is a very strong influence of Scandinavian design. Furniture and all interior furnishings are very simple. Although made of high-quality materials, they are somewhat subdued.

I am most impressed by rooms with preserved old accents. You can clearly feel it in the 98-meter Nobis apartment. There is well-preserved stucco and panels from 1800. A luxury hotel in Stockholm must have something from different eras and this is what Nobis is.

Very old ceilings with magical accents combine wonderfully with Swedish minimalist interior design. Look at the bedroom room. The wooden ceiling and wainscoting give the apartment a sense of heaviness.

In the central place there is a large tiled fireplace and next to it a modern black bed. These are mixtures that demonstrate great sensitivity to aesthetics and behavior atmosphere of old Stockholm. There is a designer carpet on the worn wooden floor, the colors of which match the chairs and wallpaper. But the magic works….

The living room is white, the light stucco ceiling fits perfectly with the old doors. The furniture used is quite low and flattened, but only to reflect the majesty and size of this room. A truly exquisite design game!

luxury hotel in stockholm
exclusive hotel in stockholm
elegant hotel in stockholm

The rest of the rooms where we can stay are mainly of modern Scandinavian high quality. Skillfully selected colors, fabrics and furniture give a feeling of warmth and comfort. It’s a pity that the rest of the hotel apartments were not designed like the 98-meter Nobis….but you can’t have everything in life.

I will definitely write it to them. Or maybe they will listen to the voice of reason… after all, the old atmosphere and modernity have always sold well. Moreover, this largest apartment has a soul, the rest is catalog templates, with a bit of luxury.

exclusive hotel in Sweden
exclusive Stockholm hotels
luxury hotel stockholm

A luxury hotel in Stockholm must have a prestigious restaurant

The sumptuous hotel restaurant offers, above all, the bestselected flavors of Italian cuisine. Selected Italian cheeses, warm cake with walnuts and ice cream, pasta with wild asparagus cream and fried duck liver, baked cod in the oven with dill and white wine sauce….these are just some of the items on the menu.

Each of you will find something suitable for yourself. Why Italian cuisine? These flavors are definitely the international ABC in hotel restaurants. That’s why they can be found so often in the farthest corners of the world.

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stockholm luxury hotel
luxury restaurant hotel stockholm

In addition to the restaurant and bar, there is one in Nobis The Gold Bar. A magical place – exceptionally modern. Tailored to the needs of people who feel the beauty of design. Lots of glass, metal and marble.

What can you say – a luxury hotel in Stockholm, Nobis, has an unconventional Bar. What ingredients and alcohols can you expect there? Hmm, for example: dark rum with Italian amaro, southern limes, cactus syrup, Irish whiskey, beetroot syrup, Sherry, coconut cream, agave juice and many other delicacies.

I think that the Gold Bar is dedicated mainly to elegant women, as evidenced by the variety of drinks on the wallpaper and the very feminine decor itself….

luxury swedish hotel
Luxury hotel in Stockholm – a hall tailored to luxury

What distinguishes Nobis is its beautiful and wonderful hall. The place at the top, enclosed by a roof and surrounded by the walls of the building on all sides, makes an amazing impression. And this is where luxury is buried. The furnishings are not lavish, just a well-designed, elegant place to meet people.

Just sit down and you will feel at home. I believe that this very warm and stylish place is very popular among guests. Every exclusive hotel should have sincerity and something that distinguishes it. For me it is the hall, large and majestic when you look up, incredibly homely from the seating level.

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Luxury is an experience. It is not difficult to equip a hotel with great swimming pools, saunas and marble. Spend a lot of cash on good quality materials. It is important to find a real differentiator, something that the hotel will be proud of.

That’s why many new places, even 5-star ones, lack something. Hotel Nobis he has it and is very proud of it.SaveSaveSave