Porcelain angels – Italian RG Porcellane

porcelain angels

In 1973, the Italian factory RG Porcellane was established when its owner came up with the idea to produce beautiful porcelain angels. Magical figurines embodying something more than present life on earth.

It all starts with real clay and shaping the prototypes of what is to be created. Italian master craftsmen sketch porcelain angels and then transfer them to a real prototype of the figure.

porcelain angels

Porcelain angels – passion for high-quality porcelain

“Preziosi in porcellana” in Italian means noble porcelain products and these are exactly what RG Porcellane products are. Luxurious, but above all, made with the highest quality of workmanship.

That is why porcelain angels made by this global Italian brand differ from others in beauty, style and class in themselves!

Women especially love collecting these original figurines, decorating fireplaces, eaves and window sills of their homes with them.

We all know that Italians attach great importance to the design of objects, and RG seems to confirm this with its production.

porcelain angel

RG Porcellane – what is the process of porcelain angels?

It is the creation process – from design, form shaping and firing – that is carefully checked throughout the entire stage. The molds are used for a maximum of 20 – 25 castings and then replaced with new original ones.

All this to ensure that the porcelain angels are smooth and perfect on the entire surface of the figurine. So that they shine and sparkle like beautiful decorations in elegant rooms…

Firing in a kiln at a temperature of 1,250 degrees gives the porcelain extraordinary whiteness, quality and transparency.

The last stage of work involves applying gold or platinum, which gives an amazing and extremely original effect! The combination of porcelain white and light gold is a decorative ideal – art with a capital S.

Is this the end of the production stage of porcelain angels?

porcelain angels

The second firing in a kiln at 750 degrees gives a beautiful shine and the final effect. Now the employee can precisely place the original Swarovski crystal.

This is how we came to the end, I hope that we have introduced you to the elegant and well-known Italian brand RG Porcellane, which is synonymous with Italian decorative thought.