The monument is intended for a retirement home

A monument intended for a retirement home

Today, in the era of inflation, significant fluctuations on the stock exchange, and the general collapse of markets around the world, we are increasingly looking for diversification of our capital. In my opinion, the natural direction is to invest in real estate. After 1989, their value has been constantly increasing and there is no indication that this trend will reverse. The monument is intended for a retirement home, is one of the ideas that I would like to describe to you today.

At a time when we are becoming a society of seniors, this is a very strong impulse to take a closer look at properties that will serve as a care home for the elderly! Aging vintages are one thing, but the other aspect is the investment perspective. And as it turns out, it is quite a profitable business, assuming that you take into account several dozen seniors. A smaller number has no business impact, so if we want to go in this direction, let’s look for larger facilities.

From what I see, wealthy investors are interested in such buildings, but large investment funds that sense a huge niche for development are entering the market more and more boldly. Generally the entire market is shifting to seniors, from real estate, trips, clothing, cosmetics, services, to food and supplements. This is a huge branch of the economy that cannot be ignored today.

There are two strong trends in this interesting market. The first one is the construction of a completely new building for the investment, and the second one is the search for real estate for adaptation. Each of them has its pros and cons. We know well that starting the construction of a new building today may require huge funds. But, already at the design stage, you can carefully plan a property dedicated to seniors.

A monument intended for a retirement home – difficult choices

The latter, however, assumes the adaptation of an existing building to meet the requirements of this business. We skip the purchase from the primary market, relatively new construction, to focus on the property, which is a monument intended for a retirement home. This is where a number of challenges begin that we must meet along the way, but from the beginning.

Today I will discuss this case on the example of the historic Villa in Oborniki Śląskie, which is located in a historic location. The entire building, right from its construction, was strongly aligned with spa purposes. Because before the war their name was actually Oborniki Śląskie Bad Oberningk, which strongly focused on rest and regeneration.

This was closely related to the discovery of the source of iron sorrel, so naturally a lot of spa properties were built in this place. And therefore the villa itself, in style residential It was named Stare Miasto and it also served this function.


Today the property is for sale, is entered in the register of monuments of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship under number 553/1-5/A05, pursuant to the decision of November 17, 2005. This is very key and important information, especially if someone is seriously considering investing in such a property. The regulations clearly state that if we want to change a building for specific purposes, we must obtain permission from the provincial conservator of monuments.

It so happens that this charming villa has such a permit, so the future investor does not have to worry about the future of the entire investment. This is an extremely important aspect that real estate agencies often forget about, which is a pity.

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Investment property for seniors – important information

Now maybe some information about this fascinating historical building. This huge villa has gone beyond that 1,600 square meters, on a plot of 2,270 meters. So there is a lot of space to be developed for the future monument intended for a retirement home. The buyer does not have to worry that the size will limit him in any way.

The current owner designed in this one residence32 rooms, as well as a large restaurant that can be successfully used as a central meeting point for seniors. This room is 240 meters square, so quite a lot! This property was designed for hotel services, a retirement home, or a wedding or party venue.

For me, the most ideal idea is a home for seniors and I’m sticking to it. As I have already mentioned, the villa received all permits for reconstruction, along with the construction design. In addition, the owner put a lot of work and resources into partially renovating the building. These include concrete injections and steel beams, i.e. typical works strengthening the structure of real estate.

I can write even more and gush about this place, but it will be better if you see for yourself this monument intended for a retirement home. I invite you to visit Oborniki Śląskie

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