A pocket knife as a gift does not have to be boring and standard

Which pocket knife should you choose as a gift for your man?

When you are looking for a universal gift for your guy, you often enter the phrase in Google penknife as a gift. This is a very popular gift, well maybe a bit cliche, but the classics still work.

Men are little boys, constantly needing stimuli related to their childhood. Because this is a special time in your entire life. A magical time of searching for one’s self, having fun, traveling and eternally discovering the secrets of the world.

That’s why memories and gifts related to it are so important. So a pocket knife as a gift is a small part of our growing up. Entering adulthood and the first serious games with a knife. Most of us had a small knife, pocket knife, or at least a mini penknife – very popular in the 1980s, available at Ruch kiosks.

So, if we want, we can treat our guy to an exciting journey back to his carefree childhood. And all this with one product, which usually consists of a piece of metal and high-quality wood. A man’s happiness is a very simple topic.

Pocket knife as a gift – which brand to choose?

Most of the pocket knives available online are Swiss made. Half of them, of course, have nothing to do with this country. Neither in terms of quality nor origin.

It’s just a slogan, a bit of a slogan that is already very tired and too intrusive. People look for Swiss products like a golden train. Which, of course, has a deeper origin in history luxury manufactures.

Switzerland is one of the few places where great attention was paid to production. The entire process, materials used, designs, and other factors contributed to high quality.

Today, many manufacturers use the word Swiss as a key to conquering the global market. Of course, this is a shortcut that often ends in a quick fall. In the age of the Internet, customers can easily verify the true origin of items, so nothing will be hidden.

I love little-known and traditional manufactures

My type of pocket knife as a gift is made by the Italian brand Berti Knives. I love breaking stereotypes, so why should it be Swiss and not Italian? To be honest, which brand would a connoisseur choose? Existing for a few or 100 years?

Who has much more experience and which product brings real quality. I don’t even have to make an effort to prove it. And although today anyone can set up a factory, not everyone will make it function for several generations.

Gift pocket knives do not have to be boring and all similar to each other. When looking for a gift idea, let’s give something more exciting than an ordinary multifunctional knife.

A pocket knife as a gift – a bit of history and production process

Because if the world today is to produce in an assembly line, we ourselves will succumb to this process. Everything will be similar and terribly formulaic, and I hate that!

The love for craft production is born in many generations, hard work and everyday hardship of life. Berti Knives understand this perfectly, which is why I offer their works of art.

The technological process and an amazing approach to its products are the philosophy of the Berti Knives brand. When the factory founded by David Barti began in 1985, it was still small. And no one expected that it would sell its products all over the world.

Strength lies in family!

Today, its most important value is opposition to today’s trends and strong attachment to family traditions. The opposition to mass production using random labor is a huge force. Because, in their opinion, it would lead to underestimation of the value of manufactured pocket knives and knives. This does not mean that this Italian company does not listen to modern technologies.

An interesting thing is that each product is made by only one person. This, of course, contributes to the high quality of Berti Knives goods.

High quality is not only about traditions and the production process. But largely used raw materials. The blades are made of steel, and the handles include: from buffalo, bison, deer horns or ‘bosso’ wood. This gives amazing end results!

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A pocket knife as a gift – personalized and beautifully packaged

Most of the pocket knives purchased by our customers were engraved or otherwise personalized. Premium products usually reach recipients who want to have their initials there.

A specific place where we usually do laser engraving is the blade. First of all, the engraving made in this way is invisible when the knife is folded. Secondly, stainless steel is a good material for engraving.

Of course, personalization can be done in another element. And even on a leather case, or add a card with wishes for the birthday boy. This is a matter to be agreed upon, but as we always emphasize, the recipient likes it.

Once we have a pocket knife as a gift, beautifully engraved with initials, all we have to do is pack it. And here’s a very nice surprise – Berti Knives products have their original and prestigious packaging.

Not every pocket knife has perfect packaging

This line of pocket knives as a gift has its own beautiful sliding box with a separate compartment for the product. On the front of the box there is a photo of the founder and current owner of the brand. It is a great nod to the family and strong craftsmanship tradition.

Inside you will find a pocket knife packed in a black leather case and two books. One of history brands, the second with manufactured models. Everything is very luxurious, neatly designed and packed.

And this is prestige, without unnecessary glitter and dripping gold. A clean gift idea for a man. Zero falsehood and mediocrity, simple and at a high level – a 10 hit…

love luxury products, so goods packaged this way are very special to me and I will wholeheartedly recommend it to every lover of high-quality goods.

But that’s not the end, because the premium class is the entire packaging process. So in the final step, our team wraps your gift in Italian gift paper. This is absolutely pure luxury. We do not use other raw materials for packaging unless the customer requests it.

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A penknife as a gift – a guarantee for a successful ending

We have never had a recipient dissatisfied with such a noble gift. These are undoubtedly works of applied art. Handmade with great attention to each element.

I admit, pocket knives as gifts are quite a classic idea. However, if you want to avoid adding another classic to the mix, opt for a premium product.

Your guy will appreciate the craftsmanship of this product. He will certainly be pleased with the personalization and the multi-generational family tradition woven into it. Such manufactures are increasingly disappearing from our map of Europe, which is why I emphasize how important it is in every free moment.

The guarantee for a successful gift is matching the products to your specifications. Berti Knives offers a wide selection of pocket knives. Therefore, we can honestly discuss the length of the blade, the functionality of the knife, and the material used for the handle.

Every man will find the right pocket knife as a gift, even the biggest wimp.

In my opinion, the Berti Knives brand has been making big boys’ dreams come true for over 100 years. This is clearly demonstrated by the careful production of its prestigious products. It is a great contribution to our childhood and a dreamlike return to the past.

Clear proof that you can design very high-quality pocket knives based on history and family. For me, Berti Knives are more than just ordinary knives.