Hollywood style furniture – a dream of timeless designs

what is hollywood style furniture really like?

The atmosphere of the residences of big stars, bold and at the same time slightly nostalgic design and refined details – this is the exclusive Hollywood-style furniture created by the Portuguese manufactory Ottiu.

Maybe a little forgotten, dusty and underappreciated. But believe me, this direction in furniture design and production is still doing well! Anyone who writes off sweet colors and soft fabrics is wrong.

Hollywood has always been known for its glitz, perhaps this style has something to do with it. But not entirely. Because Portuguese manufacturers have done a lot to make these beautiful pieces of furniture more civilized.

And when I say furniture, I mean models. For me, absolutely each of these fantastically designed works of applied art is a kind of model on an architectural fashion runway!

Each Hollywood-style piece of furniture from the Ottiu factory is like a work of art: unique, sophisticated, eye-catching.

Once it arrives in your home, it will be more than just one of many decorative elements. You will become its star, and at the same time a time machine that will take you to Hollywood in the middle of the last century. It will make you forget about the chaotic outside world and immerse yourself in your own world – refined, sensual and comfortable.

Hollywood-style furniture is of excellent quality and the best materials

Hollywood-style furniture was created by designer-artists and excellent craftsmen who made sure that the former’s vision materialized in perfect form.

Because in fact, in order for each thing to look extremely serious despite its bright and vivid colors, high-quality raw materials are needed. Without them, it is impossible to mark the true mark of design.

The material is a signature AND a stamp, an end and a period. Saving is not Ottiu’s style, so we decided to show these beautiful furniture Hollywood style for our clients.

All elements were handmade, and each of them – from the solid wood structure to the smallest finishing details – was made of the highest quality materials: wood, brass, copper and wonderful, exceptionally resistant fabrics with a huge variety of patterns and colors.

what Hollywood style furniture?
Hollywood style furniture
Hollywood style sofa
Hollywood style chair
Hollywood style furniture
Hollywood style table

Hollywood style furniture is a timeless style

The key to the success of the Ottiu company is not only the quality, but also the originality of its products: the unique composition of textures, colors and materials makes the Hollywood-style furniture created by the Portuguese manufacture have a timeless style. They will not cease to delight after a season or two, because they are beyond quickly passing trends.

It seems that the parade of life in Hollywood is long gone, that it is something intangible and very past. However, Ottiu collections take us to the wonderland of interacting with them in a fantastic way.

XXI century

Today, mixing and combining is very trendy, so let’s have fun and experiment. It’s never too late, Ottiu knows it and he feels great about it.

Exclusive Hollywood-style furniture is a trend that every contemporary designer must notice and skillfully combine. I am more and more pleased that our partners feel it and use it while having fun thinking about the entire project.

Hollywood-style furniture is a tribute to the stars

Hollywood-style furniture from the Century collection of the Ottiu manufacture – chairs, armchairs, benches, sofas, stools and seats – are named after famous people: movie stars, artists and directors, for a reason. Are them inspired.

For example, the striking, seductive Jean sofa with a backrest resembling beautifully carved lips and a velvet, single-color upholstery is a tribute to the famous Jean Harlow – an actress who was a Hollywood sex symbol in the 1930s and one of the brightest stars of the first years of sound films

Hollywood style sofa lips
Hollywood couch
red sofa lips in Hollywood style

.Jean’s ex is And Andy’s

The luxurious and slightly extravagant Andy stool, made of polished brass and a fluffy sheepskin coat, owes its name to Warhol – an artist who was famous not only for his works, but also for his eccentric hairstyle, unconventional lifestyle and organizing parties attended by many distinguished guests.

In turn, the phenomenal, extremely sensual, velvet Marilyn armchair was named after the most fascinating star of all time, the unforgettable Marilyn Monroe.

That’s not all, of course, because the Century collection also includes furniture inspired by other celebrities, such as Ingrid Bergman, Anita Ekberg, Audrey Hepburn and many others. They have one thing in common: each of them is absolutely unique and each has a magnetic power: it attracts attention and creates an aura of luxury.

shaggy puff
Hollywood style pouffe
puff hollywood
Hollywood style furniture stools
Hollywood-style furniture doesn't have to be passe

I’m no Woody Allen, but I know one thing – the magic of the best years in Hollywood can be transported back in time now. The Portuguese manufacturer Ottiu will guarantee you this. I am deeply convinced of the products we offer to our customers, and this is the case!

Luxury furniture is not produced quickly and en masse, so every buyer must be patient. Besides, time is a synonym for luxury, truth and all the magic that is created when designing such beautiful Hollywood-style furniture.

I wish you lots of great adventures with the Ottiu brand!