Apartment curtain rods – not even Andy Warhol could have invented this

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I wanted to do something for the good of design, to end the formulaic style and ubiquitous interior stagnation. I looked around the world for inspiration, finding the right brands for our portfolio. And that’s how I met the English company Byron & Byron, which produces apartment curtain rods. Something that caught my attention and didn’t allow me to concentrate for the next few days.

These are completely different and very luxurious products that I love with passion! England is the cradle of good craftsmanship, hard work of human hands and thousands of factories, where you can still find real gems.

Let me give you one piece of advice: don’t look for style on mass websites, especially in hyper and super markets. There is massiveness to the highest possible power. Abominations that come off the shelves, like an ugly Chucky doll….

So if you want to have a bit of real hand-made premium in your home, read until the end what I know about English hand-made apartment curtain rods.

Apartment curtain rods – this is not an indulgence

I’m walking through a large supermarket, on the left there are lawn mowers, on the right there are sandpaper and between them there are curtain rods like garden gnomes that once flooded us like the Swedish Deluge…

Sad, ubiquitous and bland, produced in large quantities, not only do they make no impression on me. They act like a rag to a bull. These eyesores irritate me, because if something is to be called apartment curtain rods, it’s not what I see on every corner. People, have mercy on style and taste, reflect the seriousness of the situation and let real designers have their say. It’s not an indulgence – it’s your interior, where it will spend half its life.

Basically, all of them are very similar to each other, i.e. miserable with a lot of metal, chrome and crappy glass replacing Swarovski crystals, and that’s just too much. The only thing missing is a curtain with branded logos of famous fashion brands or sunset graphics. It’s terrible to see machine-made apartment curtain rods, but there is no solution, I decided to find something else, as usual. In opposition, away from banality and mediocrity.

With a cynical smile, I quickly found something that boosted my morale and I was proud of myself.I felt relieved knowing that I could offer my clients something different from this massacre. Something I won’t be ashamed of and will be happy to show to true lovers of good design. Ok, but first things first, what is my new brand?

Apartment curtain rods – Byron & Byron

London in the 1980s is a mine of incredible inspiration, which is why the place and time are so important! Young Orazio Gualtieri is a passionate traditional craftsman who wanted to make a name for himself and show the world his knowledge of woodworking. Italians are known for their love of incredibly beautiful products, and this was also the case. Orazio began his great passion by designing and producing very classic apartment curtain rods, and over time, he created more and more sophisticated products.

It worked! It worked like a charm, which shows the recognition of its products all over the world. Orazio, thanks to his extensive knowledge, was able to freely combine new techniques with old crafts. And this is very important for this type of products. The thing about the owner is that he reacted quickly to changes market interior design and fashion.

He boldly introduced new patterns, but above all, materials and colors. According to some, very brave. But the world belongs to such people. Don’t stand in line for an ordinary and mass-produced cookie, do something original. This is the only way to break conventions today and create a luxurious decorative future. Magic? Well, hard work, vision and a great desire to do something different from the crowd.

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Apartment curtain rods – what Byron & Byron offers

First, wood, because it is the raw material closest to my heart. Natural – it has been proven for hundreds of years. Byron knows this very well, which is why most of the collection is made of high-quality natural wood. Paint applied over it looks impressive and combines perfectly as two materials.

It seems that the English brand has a huge selection when it comes not only to design, but also to dimensions. This is because it is very important and crucial for different rooms. Ok, let’s start with the diameter. A typical apartment curtain rod has a cross-section ranging from 19 to 25 mm. But I would rather say that in our latitude it is something between 16 and 19 mm. Well, it looks like a thin grass snake on the ceiling, if you know what I mean.

The fact that diameter matters is demonstrated by exclusive brands producing curtain rods around the world. It is rare to find small diameters, most of them are thick and proper fat guys. Byron & Byron produces its gems in sizes 35, 45 and 55 mm. Which ultimately gives you an advantage at the start against the thin Bolki. I don’t want to criticize, but my task is to convey what may result from hanging such misery on our ceiling.

It doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing, and I guess we all love aesthetics here, don’t we?

And this is actually the key – the thickness of the curtain rod. This is where everything begins and ends. This is the starting point for further work on the product, i.e. decorative endings.

The length is a wide choice – from 120, 150, 180, 210, 240, 300, 360 up to 480 cm. This pleases us and shows how much attention the brand pays to adapting to the customer. He chooses him too interiors they are of different sizes, the more he can choose something.

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Apartment curtain rods – you decide about your interior!

When choosing manufacturers for Luxury Products, he is guided by instinct and in-depth knowledge of the company. Its origin, history and the marriage of modernity and tradition. Multigenerationality combined with innovative techniques have always fascinated me. A sip of a classic in a new light, it sounds good.

Today, when we are so flooded with toxic garbage, majestically called designer or stylish is becoming more and more relevant. When Asia takes over, counterfeiting everything they can and pushing us products straight from large factories. We cannot feel great, much less comfortable, even when we are deaf and blind to good quality products.

I don’t feel obliged to criticize, but I want to show new, often forgotten paths that are brands. This is my alphabet of luxury, so different from what is general and extremely mass. I know these goods are not cheap. But it is an accumulation of manual work, the history of these people and high quality. It doesn’t have a price, because you can’t do it, man, in a big factory with a million other pieces lying around like sorted matches.

The story of Byron & Byron it is a fairy tale, reminiscent of exclusive apartment curtain rods that will enchant you with their unique elegance, maturity and dignity. Tomorrow, when another fascinating factory disappears, think about where we are and what we lose by decorating our house, like a photocopied piece of paper…