The history of the Louis Vuitton brand

history of the louis vuitton brand

Louis Vuitton is a brand currently considered one of the most valued, recognizable and identified with timeless luxury. The trademark with the letters LV is a sought-after and highly desired object in almost every country in the world. Due to its enormous and constant popularity, Louis Vuitton brand it is also one of the most counterfeited in the world.

louis vuitton story

What were the beginnings of the history of the Louis Vuitton brand?

Every story has a beginning: Louis Vuitton products debuted on the market in 1854. Initially, the brand was associated only with the production of brown handbags signed with the golden initials LV, but over time it grew stronger and expanded the range.

The founder of the brand was Louis Vuitton, who had the opportunity to hone his unique craftsmanship skills at the Monsieur Marechal factory in Paris.

louis vuitton founder

It was there that he initially dealt with packing, and in 1854 he opened his own place offering services of packing court clothes into trunks (a popular trend in the 19th century). It was then that he began experimenting and working on designing suitcases and travel bags. He already specialized in fashion then.

Louis Vuitton and the first bag unlike any other

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The year 1858 brought a real breakthrough in fashion. It was then that Louis Vuitton released an innovative rectangular suitcase made of a lighter material – the odorless canvas outperformed the leather trunk and became a determinant of new quality.

The power of Louis Vuitton was growing rapidly – the legacy of the brand’s founder did not squander its potential.In 1892, the management of the Loius Vuitton company fell to his son, Georges.

It was the descendant of the famous designer who expanded the group of recipients of luxury products and opened the first store in London. From then on, the location on Oxford Street allowed for the brand’s wide expansion around the world.

louis vuitton brand history

Louis Vuitton with the famous Monogram Canvas logo

The brand’s great popularity around the world quickly began to result in counterfeiting attempts, hence Georges Vuitton’s idea to design a special logo. In addition, the descendant of the famous founder of the brand also developed a special combination lock for suitcases and introduced the first Louis Vuitton soft bag.

The power of the Loius Vuitton brand in the third generation

history of the louis vuitton company

The year 1914 and the opening of a store on the Champs Elysées in Paris further strengthened the brand’s position in the world. Luxurious bags and suitcases signed by Loius Vuitton will probably never go out of fashion. This is elegance that only true connoisseurs of beauty can possessSave