English correctness – Rapport London watch boxes

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Today I would like to present to you watch boxes brands Report London. Unique products, made with a truly English touch of grace and flair. Maybe not everyone uses this type of accessories for their favorite watches, but believe me – it protects our men’s jewels!

Rapport London is an old and distinguished manufacture that was established in 1898, when a young designer designed and made his first watch. Since then, the brand has been systematically gaining more and more market.

Elegant watch boxes
Watch boxes made of carbon – luxuryproducts.pl store

What do watch boxes protect against?

We men love collecting original watches, so we should also take care of them. Unfortunately, there is no habit among my friends care of these products.

All you need to do is wrap your watch in a soft cloth and put it in a drawer so that it does not scratch when you take it out. My friends with whom I have talked about this topic do not pay attention to this very important fact.

Watch boxes protect primarily against ubiquitous dust, moisture (including temperature changes), but also against mechanical damage.

watch boxes
Watch boxes made of walnut

So, in addition to purely decorative benefits, they are intended to function as a mini safe.

What are Rapport London watch boxes made of?

The Rapport brand has released many luxurious and original watch holders. They are made of high-quality materials. Among others – walnut, carbon, and finally mahogany.

Not only are selected varieties of wood used, but the whole thing is varnished with several layers of varnish. So as to give a unique and very exclusive dimension!

To ensure maximum comfort for our beloved watches, the manufacturer has lined the inside with soft velvet. This gives an amazing effect and guarantees solid storage of watches.

Of course, the manufacturer’s collection includes watch boxes made of various types of leather. These are also interesting and unique products that can diversify our home interior.

Watch box
Rapport London leather watch boxes

Some of these products are locked with a key, which will additionally protect them against unauthorized use. Maybe for some guys, that’s an added plus. Because the other half won’t know how much we actually have models in your collection….

If you have a collection of several watches, take into account the fact that a good quality watch box will protect them for a very long time.

And it will allow us, men, a bit of luxury! SaveSave