Non-alcoholic Whiskey

We have already become accustomed to non-alcoholic beers, the selection of which is huge on the market. Non-alcoholic wines are slowly appearing in our stores and are in no way inferior to classic drinks of this type. Now it’s time for 0% whiskey. What is the non-alcoholic whiskey – something new in the world of 0% drinks?

Non-alcoholic whiskey – a curiosity or a new quality

In the past, 0% alcohol was considered inferior in taste and a choice out of necessity. Currently, however, their quality has increased significantly, and newer types and brands of 0% alcohol are being introduced to the market. One of the innovations that arouses the interest of connoisseurs and tasters is non-alcoholic whiskey.

Non-alcoholic Whiskey cocktail2

The currently most popular 0% whiskey comes from Spain, the “liquor” produced there is the most common alternative to traditional amber alcohol. Whissin experts consider it to have an interesting taste and goes very well with typical ingredients in traditional drinks.

How whiskey is made 0%

However, real “non-alcoholic whiskies” are produced in Scotland. A separate distillery was established there, producing high-quality products, revealing the production process. It turned out to be very complicated and intricate. An example is the Glenrothes distillery. She uses fourteen different botanical extracts such as cayenne pepper, blackcurrant leaves, kaffir, chamomile, verbena, bay leaf, apples and hibiscus, sourced from local sources, to create her version of non-alcoholic whiskey.

The process of making non-alcoholic whiskey usually involves similar steps. These include distillation of ingredients, maturation in oak barrels and extraction of the characteristic taste and aroma. The attention to production ensures that the products retain the taste and experience associated with traditional whiskey.

What does non-alcoholic whiskey taste like?

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There are many non-alcoholic whiskeys available on the market and their quality is increasing. Some distilleries even produce 0% amber liquor in luxury quality. The most popular and also available in bars are the already mentioned Wissin, Lyre’s American Malt, Lyre’s Highland Malt, Gnista Barreled Oak and many others.

Wissin is light and sweet, but American products have a bit more of it refined taste

Flavor notes, such as the rich aroma of vanilla and roasted nuts, are characteristic of bourbon. They add depth and sweetness to this drink. Herbal accents give it a unique character, combining traditional flavors with modern tastes.

The smooth and long finish means that the flavor of this non-alcoholic bourbon lingers in the mouth for a longer time, allowing for a full tasting experience. The slightly spicy flavor gives it a bit of spiciness, which is typical of bourbon. Swedish Gnista has an intriguing, smoky aroma.

Non-alcoholic Whiskey1

In terms of taste, a lot depends on the manufacturer. Many of them make special efforts to ensure that the non-alcoholic whiskey introduced to the market, innovative and arousing as much interest as controversy and resistance, attracts attention. connoisseurs and gourmets.