The most luxurious hotel in Dubai

the most luxurious hotel in dubai

Hotel Burj Al Arab is luxury hotel in Dubai, and at the same time the most luxurious hotel in the world. This is the Arabic answer to the hotels built in Europe and America, which are supposed to be the indicators of the greatest exclusivity and class.

As is usually the case with Arab investments, this hotel became the most luxurious hotel in the world, attracting media attention on all continents.

What does a luxury hotel in Dubai offer?

This luxury hotel in Dubai offers a standard that no European or American can dream of, all thanks to an additional seventh star, which was exceptionally awarded only to this one hotel in the world.

exclusive hotel in dubai
Restaurant interior of a luxury hotel in Dubai

Was the seventh star, controversial for many people, rightly awarded?

It should be mentioned that this hotel does not offer typical rooms, but huge apartments. The apartments are available in 6 categories and range in size from 170 to 780 square meters! Each hotel guest receives a personal butler for the duration of their stay, who is available 24 hours a day.

The apartment amenities include: a private bar for guests, a snooker table, a dining room with tableware for 8 people and a kitchen, a personal, private spa, as well as a cinema and additionally small Hermes cosmetics and perfumes. All this is included in the price of your stay!

dubai and hotels
The prestige and elegance of a hotel in Dubai

A luxury hotel in Dubai offers its guests, above all, the highest level of service. Private room service 24 hours a day, several restaurants in the hotel and 2 huge diving pools, massages in numerous spa centers and a restaurant famous for the best seafood in the world – all this is within the reach of the richest people in the world.

This hotel is also the highest hotel in the world and the only hotel where the ratio of staff to guests is 6:1, which means that there are as many as 6 highly trained employees for each guest, whose aim is to make the time spent during your vacation as pleasant as possible.

hotel dubai
A luxury hotel in Dubai and its beautiful bathroom

Luxury hotel in Dubai and its prices

The Luxury Hotel in Dubai also has a ballroom at Al. Falak, which was covered with real gold from floors to ceiling. Prices for a stay at this hotel start from $1,300 per person per night and end up as high as $35,000 per person per night.

luxury hotels in dubai
Luxury hotel in Dubai from a bird’s eye view

It is not a hotel accessible to the average person, but its creation and entry into the Guinness Book of Records is a huge event in the hotel and business world.