Decorative dogs – they don’t bark, but they make an impression

decorative dogs

Animals have always been inseparable from humanity. But it was the dog that became our greatest friend. An irreplaceable synonym of closeness and trust. Many of my friends have them in their home decorative dogs. Is it kitsch or a great desire to sympathize with our pets?

It’s definitely love. And if you can afford an exact copy, why not? Why not get yourself a high-quality figure of your pet.

Decorative dogs – there is a demand!

luxury decorative dogs
#Me and a freshly fired greyhound

I have learned not to judge people hastily. Therefore, when I got to know our clients better, I know that their goals are really different. The largest group are people who had a given breed and want to commemorate theirs after their death pet.

Their strong attachment to the dog translates into an order from the manufacturer. Which, according to the customer’s individual criteria, paints the product in colors very similar to their pet. Of course, I understand this, so we try to be as accurate as possible in this matter.

decorative figures of dogs
Decorative dogs from Italy – Ceramiche Boxer brand

Decorative dogs designed in this way are often a perfect representation of their breed. The owners treat these with great sentiment figures, placing them in a place associated with your pet.

It can be a warm place by the fireplace, or a more representative place in the central point of our interior. It all depends on how close you were to your friend and where he spent most of his time….

decorative dog
Spaniel for gold:)

Decorative dogs – do you want them to sit or lie down?

In my opinion, decorative figurines of sitting dogs will be better suited to open and large living rooms, corridors or staircases. Generally, who likes what!

Our customers often choose decorative lying dogs for their bedrooms. This is the moment when you go to sleep with your beloved friend. It may seem abstract to some of you, but people really love decorative figurines for their interiors!

decorative ceramic dog
Lying dog

The next magical place for this type of products is the fireplace. After all, this is where your dog often warmed himself. The warmth of the household has always been concentrated around the fire, which is why it is a great place for a luxurious figure.

Decorative dogs – what are they made of?

  • Most of the manufacturers in our portfolio produce ceramic products. This is the most popular material and is not as expensive as porcelain. Which is usually the raw material for slightly smaller models.ceramic dog figurines
  • Italians love ceramics, which is why their products are known all over the world. Many family factories have been firing high-quality clay for several generations. That’s why ”made id Italy” is such a valued sign of quality.
  • Ceramics it is not the only material used in the production process. Italian artists often use 24 carat gold, platinum and Swarovski crystals. These are exceptionally designer figures and decorative dogs that look like this make an amazing impression.
  • Crystals are used for eyes and also to decorate a collar. This is an interesting and original element that determines the final appearance of the product.ceramic dogs
This is not mass production

And just like you wait for little puppies to be born – in the same way our customers wait for decorative dogs. We do not sell mass Asian ceramics, so the delivery time may vary depending on the brand Ahura, it may even last up to 8 weeks. It all depends on how many orders a given manufacturer has.

Decorative dogs created by our factories differ significantly from those mass-produced. This is very clearly visible in the quality and every smallest detail. These are the differences that give birth to luxury.

decorative dogs
Italian brand Ahura –

Decorative dogs – hand made

Believe me – it’s really handmade! So the time you spend on your order must be a whole long process. The Italian factory where you ordered your ceramic friend must perform a number of activities – so that you can enjoy a unique product.

Hand-made gives many possibilities for the figurine itself. This is clearly visible in the details that make the dog look very realistic. Because does this boxer realize that his friend is made of ceramics? I claim that he thought about it for a long time, whether it was the real equivalent of this breed….
Decorative dogs - they don't bark, but they make an impressionI think that the ability to cover with paint has a lot to do with it. Adjusting the color palette to the breed can be very time-consuming and difficult. And this is the key to the perfect decorative figure. The authenticity and skill of making such luxurious products gives amazing results.

decorative dog for interiors

These are recipes and ceramic design created for generations. Strong family ties that give strength to their products. I hope that many of our domestic producers will realize that luxury takes years to produce. Let’s love and take care of European factories. Because it is a kind of heritage that is forever lost due to mass production from Asia…SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave