Elegant Claudia Barbari tablecloths – contrary to trends

elegant tablecloths

When creating a store with luxury products, I wanted them to stand out primarily for their quality and uniqueness. That’s what they are elegant tablecloths and blankets by Claudia Barbara.

I stubbornly repeat to every maniac that luxury is not created only by large global corporations. Gucci, Breitling, Louis Vuitton, Omega, Ferrari or Bulgari these are mega brands with a lot of experience. And perhaps they create the luxury market – but only in the broad sense of an averagely informed consumer.

All these brands come from small family factories that at some point lost their uniqueness and the much-desired uniqueness. When economics, demand and supply are more important – any exclusive brand can get lost in the crowd.

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I love discovering little things luxury business, which have been producing real luxury for years. Today I will tell you about Claudia Barbari. An extremely talented woman who designs wonderful, elegant tablecloths, unique rugs and elegant tablecloths.

I reject the template and always go my own way. Despite many offers, we do not cooperate with companies similar to ours. I always try to bring unconventional products to our market with a capital N. Claudia is like that, original and independent. He goes his own way and does not give in to hideous trends invented for the masses.

This is what I love about such manufacturers and it is an honest brand that offers its customers something different. Manual work costs money, which is why elegant tablecloths are more expensive. But nothing is free, everything is a matter of a different look at the long process of producing goods and selecting the most expensive raw materials.

Elegant tablecloths and stylish blankets – before Claudia started creating them

Born in Sassuolo in the province of Modena on December 1, 1969. Even as a child, she loved dressing her dolls in specially selected clothes of her own design. She quickly realized that fashion and art are her life.

This meant that in 1988 she received a diploma from the fashion design school in Modena. She then continued her specialization at the Polimoda School in Florence. As we know, Florence is the quintessence of artistic souls and originality in creation. And that’s where it all started.

polimoda school florence
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After successfully participating in the International Fashion Design Competition in Paris, where Claudia won 3rd place, it was time to work. These were not yet elegant blankets and her own brand, because the designer was active in other important fashion brands.

In 2003, she presented at the fair Maison & Objet his first collection. Since then, her brand has begun to operate seriously all over the world. International recognition gives an incredible feeling of new creation. Even stronger incentives and love for what you do!

Elegant tablecloths – the world according to Claudia

elegant tablecloth
elegant Claudia tablecloths are beautiful in their simplicity!

To create extraordinary works of applied art and elegant tablecloths, this Italian artist uses the best materials. If you want to make luxury products, you can’t skimp – people will sense it! The raw materials and yarns from which these elegant tablecloths are made are super premium.

Australian wool, Egyptian cotton, European pure silk, and finally cashmere from Mongolia make the brand very unique. Claudia Barbari. In fact, they create all luxury. Because in the premium industry, the most important thing, apart from manual production itself, are raw materials.

Claudia is looking for them all over the world. They are not in one place and it is sometimes difficult to find the right fabrics for what you want to create! Her clients and lovers of good design trust her in this respect and reward her for her hard work.

elegant tablecloth

What really distinguishes elegant Claudia Barbari tablecloths

First of all, perfectionism in making the smallest piece of material. Attention to every stitch detail! Ok – but this is obvious with super premium products…..

For me personally, the greatest discovery in Claudi products is form and design. You can see the luxurious finesse and distinct Italian style. Even a simple white linen tablecloth has a characteristic edge. Whether they are crystals, sequins or metal snaps, the artist loves to experiment and play with combining materials.

very elegant tablecloths

There is often a choice of voltages for a given model. And so, depending on the decor of our interior, we can experiment with choosing a color between silver and gold. Sometimes it is very important…

Even in a strict, minimalist room, one stands out exclusive tablecloth can make a big difference. Moreover, all meetings take place at the table. Don’t forget about this when you want to make a positive impression on your guests.

elegant tablecloths
Italian elegant tablecloths can surprise
Elegant tablecloths and international fame

The prestige of the Claudia Barbari brand is demonstrated by the stores and boutiques it cooperates with. This is crucial from the manufacturer’s point of view. Show yourself in the most luxurious places in the world.

In Europe, products can be purchased in most capital cities. England is the Harrods department store, Jonathan Fawcett The Old Engine Works, and Shp Hampsted. In France, elegant Claudia Barbari tablecloths can be found at Bruno Moinard Editions, A.A.D. Paris, and also at Eden Gray in Cannes.

very elegant tablecloths

If you are in Moscow, visit IN DESIGN. Switzerland is shops like Muralto Instore in Zurich, or Decoris GMBH.

As I have already mentioned, the brand is present all over the world. When in the US, remember to look for Barbari goods at Bergdorf Goodman, Foley & Cox, and E. Braun & Co – all located in New York.

Apart from the USA and Europe, these elegant tablecloths are located in great places on the map of many countries. In Poland you can find them in my store Luxury Products

stylish and elegant tablecloths

Claudia Barbari also offers exclusive blankets and bedspreads, but more about that in another article.

I would like you to change your thinking about the tablecloth. As an exclusively single-color, cut-out product, related mainly to the folklore trend. I know that this is also our history and culture. But know that with one brilliant tablecloth that breaks convention, you can change the entire atmosphere of your interior.

Elegant Claudia Barbari tablecloths are unconventional, which goes hand in hand with high-quality workmanship. And whether we like it or not, it is design that is so desirable today in the 21st centuryy.

If you have a very harmoniously designed apartment by a good architect, you must know how important the details are. Writing about huge vases made of ceramics or clocks made of bronze – I know one thing.

stylish elegant tablecloth

One strong accent in the form of well-selected goods makes quality. It makes a huge difference that many pay big bucks for. But these products are worth the price – this is due to the materials and workmanship! Italians love to break patterns in the process and design of their products. So, let’s play with shape, form and style. And our table will certainly take on a luxurious spirit.

Claudia Barbari When thinking about his tablecloths, he puts his whole soul into it. Yes to get perfect effect – simple in form, yet bold and very luxurious. I think she achieved this and it is clearly visible in each new project!SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave