Exclusive artificial flowers – how wrong you can be

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Many of you probably think that exclusive artificial flowers are a kitsch addition to home and terrace decor. However, I always emphasize that the first impression is the most important. Ever since I saw the bold designs of the Italian brand VG, I realized how beautiful and real floral compositions can be!

Since 1991 VG manufacture creates extraordinary works of applied art with a capital D. The city of Treviso is located far from Venice only 20 kilometers away. So their products are steeped in this extraordinary and rich culture.

Exclusive artificial flowers – we love xxl

I have always been fascinated by the large sizes of luxurious interior decorations. Therefore, when searching for premium brands, our portfolio often includes large-sized products. VG doesn’t deviate from this course, presenting flower vases over 2 meters high! Yes, exactly 200 centimeters does its job and often decides about the entire space.

Exclusive artificial flowers in such a large vase will make a difference and delight every guest.

This Italian company offers its customers flowers with pots and vases, so in fact we decide on the whole set, usually in a much larger size than we imagined…..

But don’t worry, not all compositions are that big, we offer smaller sizes of 30 and 50 cm and up.

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Exclusive artificial flowers – what materials

Some vases and flower pots are made of glass, others are made of glass varnished with polyethylene. This type of finish looks really impressive! The manufacturer offers as standard white, black, silver leaf, gold leaf.

On request, we can order other colors, all at our discretion. Exclusive artificial flowers are made of polyester to give the illusion of water. Moss and a dry sponge are included.

Certainly, other raw materials can be used in their production, that much is certain. However, what matters here is the use, which should last as long as possible.

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Exclusive artificial flowers – purpose

Due to our climate, I definitely recommend our interiors. It is intricately crafted and exposed to weather conditions – yes, but only in the summer. Unless we have a glazed winter terrace or a closed balcony – then there is no problem.

The best place for exclusive artificial flowers will, of course, be an elegant interior. Most VG products are large, so if you decide on such an addition, I suggest placing them in a larger room.

Only vases, they are a bit minimalist, therefore these products are not dedicated to all interiors. In my opinion, they will suit a modern, glamorous, art deco or, finally, a typical loft style.

The spaces we design have no frames at all. And exclusive artificial flowers will certainly be a fresh and prestigious breath of style.

Personally, I was fooled into thinking that these were real plants, and I wish you the same!

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