What can be placed on an elegant desk – our set

what can be placed on an elegant desk

Usually, after the purchase itself, we wonder what can be placed on an elegant desk. While the selection of stylish furniture itself is truly impressive, exclusive desk decorations are often rare.

Everyone writes ”only a thin laptop will remain on your desk”, and with the development of technology all other equipment becomes completely unnecessary…. Hmmm, it’s certainly an interesting theory. However, it was as misguided as its authors probably were.

People love to decorate, arrange, add objects and feel the beauty in the environment they live in. That’s why I consider the decline of utility items inappropriate.

What can you put on an elegant desk?

The answer is extremely easy – everything. Today, furniture takes many forms, from extremely designer to raw in form – made of glass, steel and stone. Modern desks need less decoration and more space and air.

Often, one good figure, object or useful form is enough to break through. But that’s not what I wanted to write about. Today, exclusive and very prestigious design is on the agenda.

The set we composed together with the band # LuxuryProducts stands out for its originality and sensual style.

What can be placed on an elegant desk – our types

We have selected 8 products for our luxurious set. The first is a Good Sunrise desk set, consisting of 8 elements. It includes a desk pad in sizes 665x430x10 mm, a stand with two pens (see exclusive pens here ), a memo note holder, a business card holder, a letter holder, a stationery cutter, a pen holder and a two-level document tray.

We also included a small stapler from the above-mentioned brand.

Next are 2 bronze ashtrays to choose from from Virtus. Both are very beautiful, so the choice is yours. Virtus 1945 produces and designs bronze products, so the color is a golden shade. That’s why we decided on several products of this brand. We also chose a very stylish and intricately made small photo frame and a gadget in the shape of a rudder.

If you don’t know what to put on an elegant desk and you’re missing something, it’s definitely a lamp. The choice fell on the English manufacture The Original Book Works. For 20 years, it has been producing great decorations reminiscent of old and elite offices.

Everything is made of a secret resin formula, very reminiscent of ancient books!

The whole thing ends with a wonderful and captivating Anframa clock. Interestingly, it is made of wood, glass and plated 24 carat gold.Its dimensions are 21x28x7 cm.

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What can be placed on an elegant desk – who is this set for?

We created this set with women and men in mind. It is very universal and will work perfectly in both women’s and men’s offices. Its timelessness lies in traditional and proven colors and forms.

Brown, black and gold are definite shades of luxury. Before choosing, we took into account that the desk on which the set was to be placed would be unique and very elegant.

The materials used, such as glass, MDF, wood, bronze and gold, lean towards prestige and exquisite style. Of course, the whole thing will not harmonize with very designer furniture, this is a proposal aimed at more traditional arrangements.

Of course, you can freely combine individual decorations, but I leave that to you.