Get to know the opinions about copper pots

find out opinions about copper pots

Anyone who loves cooking knows that there is nothing more important in the kitchen than a high-quality tool with which you can prepare fantastic dishes.

That’s why they have been enjoying unflagging popularity for several decades copper pots. They appear in every professional kitchen, in every culinary film and in all photographs advertising the best, world-class restaurants.

Why do specialists love copper pots?

opinions about copper pots
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Every chef of a good restaurant knows that copper is a unique and very efficient material when it comes to heat conduction. Even after taking the food out, it maintains its temperature for a relatively long time. And this is one of the properties why conscious consumers love copper! The second important and rarely discussed issue is the even distribution of heat. This means that the processed food is heated to the same level on all sides.

Therefore, it is a fantastic material and an excellent conductor. But copper pots have much more to offer their lovers. So let’s take a closer look at them! The key element is full temperature control on the stove. Cooking masters know this well, which is why they use the highest quality copper pots.

Forget about food sticking!

Products made of other materials are difficult to tame, so they are difficult to handle. Moreover, when cooking in a specialized way, he often increases or decreases the gas. And this is not the case for all materials. This important feature, among other things, means that nothing can stick to the copper pan. The uniformity and distribution of heat will ensure that the food does not stick at all.

Needless to say, it uses virtually no fat. This is another positive aspect of using copper cookware. If you are frying something and despite the oil in the pan, the food burns or sticks. This is a natural thing with temperature fluctuations. It is its change that causes such unpleasant effects….I’m writing about luxury, but everyone who buys a prestigious product thinks at least a little about saving. Pots made of copper last for generations and I don’t have to write about that. But how important is the energy saving that these products have.

Copper is one of the most energy-efficient metals, so please pay attention to these very important features.Copper pots do not have any smell or substances that could react in any way with various types of sauces and meats.

This way, no matter what dish you decide to cook, you don’t have to worry about its taste. It is said that copper pots are intended only for professionals. This is completely untrue. It’s like saying that Laboutin’s high heels were designed only for models.

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Copper pots – only positive opinions!

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Someone likes cooking, appreciates the luxury and comfort of cooking without burns and unpleasant odors, copper pots will be an incredibly important gift for him. Even if you are not a cooking master, it is worth equipping your kitchen with a set that will allow you to take your culinary skills to a completely different, higher level. The better the tools we use when performing a given activity, the better the impact on the final result, i.e. in this case – the dish.

This is the luxury provided by the Ruffoni brand, which has been hand-making wonderful and exclusive copper pots for generations. We can see the offer of this extraordinary manufacture in the store Luxury Products.

We met many years ago at a fair. And when I saw these works of culinary art – I said this is babe! Of course, most pots are similar to each other, but no Ruffoni…

Even if you don’t cook, they will smell like Chanel! It is enough that they stand in the dining room or kitchen, they will fit perfectly in a masterful style. This is a broken convention that is borrowed from past eras. Reminds me of the good old days when dishes were prepared in real metal utensils, ehhh.

I will mention that most of them ”hammered” ‘ pots are machine-made vessels. This is done by robots and has little to do with manual work. The edges must be a bit uneven and wavy, because this is the work of a craftsman. It’s amazing how people fall for such cheesy tricks.

Price is certainly the primary determinant here, so consumers are fooled by themselves…Okay, Ruffoni has been delighting its fans for years and there’s no need to say much here. For me, the greatest discovery that a pot can be SEXY is the design of the lids. Nowhere else have I seen figures of vegetables made in this way, decorating the upper parts of copper vessels. This is complete madness and I know that our clients especially love models with such accessories.In my opinion, they look a bit Italian ceramics decorative design that has been admired all over the world for centuries. it is undoubtedly the hottest spot in the world, where real prestige is gained.

If you have high culinary aspirations and are a culinary blogger, we recommend purchasing copper pots. It is not without reason that all the best chefs in the world choose copper pots and not, for example, Teflon ones. The latter, despite a great media campaign, are of average good quality and wear out visibly over time, which significantly affects the quality of the prepared dishes.

Ease of cleaning copper pots

Maintenance of copper pots is also not demanding (which is the case with Teflon pots, which need to be washed and wiped in a special way to avoid excessive abrasion of the Teflon).

Copper pots, on the other hand, are characterized by great durability and strength, thanks to which the dishes you cook will be just as good even after 20 years of using this type of pots. Unless you become an outstanding chef in the meantime, then of course the quality of the dishes will increase significantly.Unlike all other types, copper pots will not wear out or be damaged.

Copper pots and their positive opinions are only advantages

One of the most important features of premium and super premium products is longevity. Manufacturers have realized this, which is why they mainly use high-quality materials. Ultimately, they give great joy of use and serve for generations.

If you don’t see this, you are looking for quality in vain. The guarantee of a good product costs money, but here savings are short-lived. No self-respecting manufacturer will produce a copper pot at low cost. Personally, I recommend mostly handmade goods, so the price is the determining factor here.

And will it be a product?

from Portugal, Italy and Germany. Everyone today counts costs and has to put a lot of effort into production.

My clients buy single pieces of copper cooking utensils, and then slowly choose other pieces. Although there are also those who buy entire sets at once. There is no rush, so if you want to see what luxurious copper pots can do, we can send one of them for testing! No problem:)

I love good food, but not swimming in oil. So you know what I’m talking about, I don’t think I’m alone on this topic. Copper is copper and nothing will change that.

Ok, if you want to try copper vessels, write – [email protected] or [email protected]