German porcelain – what are customers’ opinions on such goods?

What do German porcelain and luxury have in common? Luxury is the possibility of surrounding oneself with top class items on everyday basis. We all love to drink our most favorite tea or coffee regularly. It will surely taste even better while served in a magnificent porcelain cup. Such cups, as well as other porcelain items, will tell others how luxurious our life truly is. Since time immemorial, porcelain goods have been produced by craftsmen and purchased by the aficionados of true beauty. Is the aforementioned tradition still noticeable nowadays?

As we know that our clients are surrounded and overwhelmed by a remarkable number of similar items that are frequently of poor quality, we would like to interest them in a completely different approach to utilitarian art. We have prepared a stunning offer addressed to individuals who are in love with exceptional quality goods. German porcelain will surely meet their needs and expectations, we can guarantee that.

German porcelain – a wide selection of products

It is not a surprise that items made out of porcelain are symbols in themselves. German exclusive porcelain shows owner’s social status and points to the fact that such a person focuses to a remarkable extent on the meticulousness of production and its origin. Such aspects are also of importance when we want to bestow someone close to our heart with an exceptional gift that will bring him or her joy and highlight the uniqueness of the occasion.

In our opinion, German porcelain is an exceptional gift, a way of bringing back the past, something that is both tangible and very sensual. That is why we think that such goods will be perfect not only as items of tableware, but also – as sophisticated gifts.

Is there anything for the youngsters?

German brands specializing in porcelain goods do not only focus on historic models, but they introduce items that are well suited to the expectations of the younger generations as well. A great old-school meticulousness combined with designer and innovative patterns – that is just a perfect combination!

On the market, there are various items of tableware available, including bowls, cups, vases, bowls, and many others. Nevertheless, connoisseurs and top quality aficionados always opt for the best and they are currently seem to be extremely fond of porcelain items made in Germany.

German porcelain is a great gift idea

German porcelain – a bit of history

When people from the Old World saw Chinese porcelain for the first time in the 13th century, they immediately guessed that it would be all-the-rage in their homeland. However, it was not until 1700s that manufacturers managed to create very first top class porcelain items in Bavaria. Initial porcelain items in Europe were made in a manufacturing house located in Meissen, with its seat being in Albrechtsburg castle. It is considered to have been the pioneer of making porcelain works of art that were pursued by connoisseurs from all over Europe.

To make the story even more interesting, it has to be noted that the manufacture was established by Augustus the Strong, the elector and king of Poland. The workers employed there took a proper care for the production techniques and methods to be properly protected against unauthorized access. However, wars and various historical events caused the secrets to spread among other manufacturing houses in the region.

history is the strength of the brand

Germans were the ones to develop manual porcelain production and decoration techniques and have cultivated said traditions for ages. Their items have always been characterized by luxurious design, individual approach, and care about every single detail. History has proved that Bavarian porcelain was quickly appreciated all over Europe and the trend has been continuing since!

An interesting fact that has to be mentioned here is that many dukes, princes, and aristocrats wanted to run their very own porcelain manufacturing houses. Therefore, they were opened in a close proximity to wealthy manors and palaces. Even though their did not share the same fate, many of them have not managed to stand up to the test of time.

German items are characterized by a true luxury – they are made excellently, are durable, are decorated with traditional patterns, and offer the owner a timeless prestige. It is difficult to put the uniqueness of German porcelain in words. It is considered to be extremely beautiful and useful during business and political meetings. It is also used in many companies to serve their clients with tea or coffee in a way showing true prestige, luxury, and care about even the most miniscule detail.

German porcelain – most popular brands

Germans are well known for meticulousness and excellence in their craft. The most popular and appreciated German porcelain producers are: Meissen, Furstenberg, Ludwigsburg, and Hohst. Even though many people consider Rosenthal items to be the pinnacle of luxury, some manufacturers have showcased that it does not necessarily have to be the case. In Poland, the brand is still very popular, especially due to the combination of stunning beauty and reasonable prices.

The value of a given porcelain item depends not only on the brand, but also on the quality of decorative patterns implemented. The most expensive sets are those historical ones that were decorated by craftsmen in the past. Among the aficionados of such goods, items that are made out of white porcelain resembling ivory that are decorated in a subtle manner or that are completely devoid of any decorative elements whatsoever are all-the-rage.

German porcelain is a treat for Polish collectors, as well as for people who love surrounding themselves with luxurious and exclusive items that improve their overall status and the quality of life.

In order to show your luxurious taste to your family, friends, or contractors, you should definitely invest in a neat set of German porcelain. It is a great way of showing them that you know what is currently trendy and stylish, as well as of being truly appreciated by your beloved ones and business partners for your expensive taste.

A significant number of German manufacturing houses have been cultivating multigenerational traditions, which is highly appreciated by the clients. They show the true love for the family. Porcelain nowadays is not only a resource, a base for creating useful goods, and a standard item. It can completely change the mood of every family-based gathering or meeting thanks to its stunning beauty, durability, and exceptional character.

Time spent with family and friends is simply priceless. It is something that cannot be easily translated into money. You can always show your love for and appreciation of others by opting for superb quality porcelain. It will surely be a great choice.