German porcelain – what are the opinions about it?


What does German porcelain have to do with luxury? Luxury is nothing else than the opportunity to experience the highest quality items every day. I guess none of us can imagine a day without a cup of our favorite tea or coffee. And these cups, as well as all other porcelain elements, tell us how high luxury has entered our lives.

Properly designed and manufactured with extraordinary precision for hundreds of years, it has survived to this day. Isn’t this a premium product?

In the multitude of issues, many similar products and mediocrity, we try to present you a different view of applied art, which is undoubtedly porcelain. It is a nod to the past and history mixed with love for natural raw materials. Only real products today interest true lovers of high-quality goods. German porcelain fits perfectly into original and fascinating stories….

German porcelain – a wide selection of products

It is no secret that products made of this raw material indicate a certain affiliation. Exclusive German porcelain is an indicator of our social status and shows that we attach great importance to details, such as the origin of our coffee or tea set.

This is extremely important when we want to give someone a unique gift that will bring them great joy and emphasize the uniqueness of a given situation or occasion.In our opinion, German porcelain is an incredibly unique gift, a kind of return to the past, something very tangible and luxurious at the same time. Therefore, in addition to furnishing our tables, it is an ideal product for various occasions.

Maybe something for young people?

Today, German porcelain brands do not only design historical models, but also offer something for younger generations. Good old workmanship with a touch of designer patterns – it’s real!

We can find huge amounts of porcelain tableware on the market – plates, cups, bowls, bowls and many, many more. Connoisseurs and supporters of high life, however, distinguish the origin of the porcelain and value the highest quality porcelain. It’s right there German porcelain.

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German porcelain – a bit of history

When in the 13th century, people from the old continent saw porcelain from China, they knew it was desirable. But it was only after 1700 that Bavaria managed to create good German porcelain worthy of world heritage. The first real factory was founded in Meissen at the castle of Albrechtsburg. It was a pioneer in creating porcelain works of art in Europe, which is why it is so important to our shared history.To make it more romantic, it was founded by Augustus the Strong, elector and king of Poland.

Everyone tried very hard to carefully guard the techniques and methods of production, but wars and various situations caused other factories to be established.It was the Germans who planned to create by hand and they still stick to it today. And this is luxury, an individual approach to absolutely every product. Caressing every fraction and production process. History shows that German porcelain gained fame from the local Bavaria, until today it spreads all over the world!An interesting fact is that a significant number of princes and aristocrats wanted to have their own porcelain factory.

Therefore, they were created alongside great estates and fortunes. Their fates were very different, most of them have not survived to this day.This is luxury in itself – the highest quality of workmanship, durability, classic design and timeless prestige. It is difficult to describe the phenomenon of German porcelain in a few words. It is very important in business and political circles, as well as in companies. By serving coffee or tea to our guests, it is thanks to porcelain that we will communicate to them our high position, prestige and attention to detail.

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German porcelain – the most famous creators

The Germans are known for precision and attention to the smallest details. The most valued German porcelain factories are Meissen, Furstenberg, Ludwigsburg and Hohst. Despite public opinionthat Rosenthal is luxury in itself, it is not the most highly developed form of luxury when it comes to porcelain. In Poland, however, it has been extremely popular for many years. All thanks to affordable prices and beautiful design.The high price of porcelain, apart from the brand, is mainly influenced by the decorations.

The highest prices are achieved by historical sets with period decorations, while in the case of contemporary porcelain, porcelain without flashy patterns, usually white, sometimes in a shade of ivory, with very small or no decorations, has been enjoying unflagging popularity in high society for over a dozen years.

German porcelain is a very great rarity and a treat for Polish collectors, but also for people who like to surround themselves with luxurious and exclusive items that significantly increase the comfort of life.

To manifest your luxury to your family, friends or contractors at work, it is worth investing even a lot of money in a set of German porcelain. This is a great way to emphasize your high position and great taste, which is appreciated at every step, both in the professional and family field.

A large part of German factories are old, multi-generational family factories, and we love them the most.

Because they reflect love for one’s family, for what one interacts with and uses on a daily basis. Today, porcelain is not just a material, an accessory or an ordinary object. We feel that it is something more, a positive value with soul for our tables, which is why we aim to present only outstanding brands to you.The time we spend at the table with our family is a value for which there is no price. Something that cannot be clearly defined because it is of the greatest importance to us. And in the case of high-quality porcelain, we have similar feelings of love and adoration. That’s what we wish you too.