Original sculptures for the living room and your interior – Angeles Anglada in action

What should original figures for the living room look like?

The name of the manufacture comes from its founder and main designer of these inspiring figures, Ángeles Anglad. The Spanish owner took the brand to previously unknown oceans, mainly thanks to his amazing designs. Original sculptures for the living room Anglady are unique and peculiar products. For me personally, it is living proof that you can create beautiful luxury products at a relatively decent price. Up close, they make a huge impression, among other things, thanks to the high quality of workmanship. But also massive and delicate at the same time. It is a tribute to beauty and nobility.

Original sculptures for the living room – difference in production

Today we can often see cheap and, unfortunately, incompetently counterfeit Angeles Anglada products. Asia creates a lot of shoddy products that are supposed to resemble exact copies of many European brands. This is a common policy that we can observe, but it is quite easy to distinguish two different items from each other.

The original Spanish sculptures for the Anglada living room are made of powdered stone, which is very massive and durable. However, bronze, copper, silver and gold are used to finish them. The base is made of marble. And here we have the final difference, or in fact, the light years that separate Angeles Anglada figures from cheap fakes. Details determine the final appearance, and these are carefully watched and guarded by the Spanish manufacture!

These sculptures are really quite heavy and do not differ from natural stone. Massive and expressive shapes make a big difference and that’s why our customers love them. Because you have to love real handmade products.

Spanish sculptures for the living room
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Original sculptures for the living room – real brands made of flesh and blood

Today, when we have a huge selection of accessories for our interiors, we mostly support Asian goods. Brands that come from that part of the world often adopt foreign-sounding names. More and more often they are taken from Italian or German. They sound very elite and prestigious, but they are just meaningless names. And it is difficult to distinguish the disguise from the original product. Therefore, when there is no description of a given manufacture and when we cannot learn anything about its history. This doesn’t bode well.

After all, original sculptures for the living room, luxurious furniture and prestigious jewelry are old, multi-generational manufactures. They have been creating unique designs for decades, trying to pass them on to the next generations. Angeles Anglada has been operating since 1988, so I believe that the truth will defend itself. Keeping up with the times, I’m not looking to buy cheaper, but I’m looking for better quality. This is comfort today, which means that we can decide for ourselves what to choose. You will walk a shorter distance in poor quality shoes. That’s why this is so important. When browsing through store offers, I see photocopies on every page. All products look identical. And this is really weak….

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Original sculptures for the living room – decorative accessories for every budget

The Angeles Anglada brand has very decent prices for such beautiful and high-quality products.The average cost of a figure is in the range of PLN 400-700 gross. So it is not a super expensive product, like the works of experienced sculptors. Absolutely everyone can afford such a portion of art in their own interior. And I am very glad that it is a hand-made premium product that most of us can afford.

I love such products, especially as consumers Luxury Products they appreciate them, decorating your stylish interiors. Price is often what defines a luxury product. However, in this case it is lower than an artistic sculpture and higher than a cheap mass produced product from Asia. So, in the price range in which a premium product should be found.

Original sculptures for the living room with a clock – here you go

Angeles Anglada approaches its work holistically, which is why there is such an extensive collection line. In addition to figures and sculptures, the brand has designed unique watches that are woven into the theme of stone. They are truly exceptionally beautiful and will certainly be a functional decoration in any interior.

living room decorative clock
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Original sculptures for the living room – a gift for every occasion

Beautiful Anglada figures are a great gift idea. Our customers often choose these wonderful sculptures for various occasions. Whether it is a gift for a wedding, birthday, baptism, anniversary or another important reason. The Angeles Anglada sculpture does the job and will fit perfectly into any idea. This is due to, among other things, a very large range of models. The Spanish brand creates many lines from various areas of life.

From typical figures for living room decor, through decorative sculptures for desks in offices, and finally dedicated statuettes for professional groups. Everyone will really find something for themselves and believe me, the choice is huge. See for yourself in our store tab Angeles Anglada.

I would like to add that our customers order a nameplate when looking for the perfect gift. Where they place their dedication or the initials of the recipient. And that is very nice and sweet. Absolutely any sculpture can be packed in Italian gift paper. Just as prestigious as Anglada’s figures. I encourage you to check out the entire collection on Luxury Products, because it’s really worth seeing these amazing Spanish designs.

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