Sylwia Gorak – ” absolute freedom and timelessness are important to me in art ”

sylwia gorak

Today, an interview with an artist who is rebellious, unconventional and incredibly aware of what today’s painting is. Sylwia Gorak is a unique person who creates high-quality art. These are paintings about unrestrained nature, freedom and freedom of brushwork! Please read the article.

What will you call your work?

It’s hard for me to define it. I did a diploma in performance and conceptual art and I still deal mainly with this field (plus vocals). At the same time, painting and drawing are my basic daily activities. I don’t really think about whether a given picture it will be abstract, figurative, synesthetic or painted with the traditional Renaissance glazing technique. These are just the many ways I use to get the message I want. I often use existing techniques and styles like a DJ, sometimes I create my own. It all depends on the specific concept. Therefore, I don’t like to name or limit creativity.

Is it a fascination with nature or nature in a distorting mirror?

The relationship with nature is the most important relationship in the life of every being. Unfortunately, nowadays not everyone is able to realize this. I celebrate and feel this relationship throughout my life and every day. It is a very conscious process and also very creative. Most of my paintings result from a deep connection with nature and are a manifestation of it.

sylwia gorak painting
sylwia gorak painting
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What in your art breaks the conventions of painting?

Perhaps it is this lack of strict rules, specificity, names and assignments. What is important to me in art is absolute freedom and timelessness. I am not interested in fashion, trends or current topics.

When did you feel that painting would play the main role in your life?

Probably after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts. Finally, I could paint whatever and however I wanted, without corrections or grades.

What’s the best way to come up with surreal ideas?


I work best with paints…..

oil. Oil is my thing, sometimes I wonder about this brilliant invention. Oil paints contain the entire visible world. They can present reality better than photography, and they can also materialize other worlds and abstract ideas.

Do I love large or small formats?


Man and nature appear in your works, which influences you more?

Of course, nature, nature.

Please tell us about your experience with art abroad, how does it differ from the domestic market?

I lived in New York for several years. I also had an American scholarship in New York and San Francisco. In addition, Swiss and German scholarships. Exhibitions and speeches in London, Japan, China, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Finland, Mexico, Austria, Indonesia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, India. Participation in international art fairs in Vilnius, Canada and Germany. Every art market is different, it depends on the country. Where people have more money, they buy a painting they simply like. In Poland, people often buy what they read about in the newspaper or what a gallery advises them to do. They are afraid to choose for themselves:)

What is your goal in your professional life?

The goal is the process. Create process. Contemplation through painting.

What interiors would you like to see your art in?

My paintings match any interior. They look beautiful in contemporary and minimalist architecture, but also in historic ones. I saw my painting in a classicist palace with Saxon rococo elements and in an art deco hotel. In private houses from the 1980s and in old residences. They also look good in factory and office interiors.

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What topic will you never tackle?

In art, I don’t like political or sexual topics. I also don’t like trivial topics. Although I sometimes paint nudes, especially male ones, using specific live models

What do you write about in CLAM Magazine Paris?

CLAM Magazine Paris conducts a series of interviews with artists and famous film actors (such as Isabelle Huppert, David Lynch) on specific topics. I’ve given a few interviews-articles on the topic “Happiness” – what it means to me, “Experience”, “Freshness” and similar topics. I wrote mainly in the context of art and travel experiences. I also recommend every year several Polish artists for exhibition in the magazine, as well as Polish collectors. In the plans. there is a whole issue about Polish art.

Is painting an escape into another world?

Not really an escape, because I actually have nothing to run from. The only exception is the progressive degradation of the environment, cutting down trees and forests. This certainly affects my work and painting is often an attempt to relieve the stress associated with it. Moreover, painting is rather about admiration for the world, contemplation of it, analysis and synthesis of phenomena.

The best time to create good art?

I only paint in daylight.

How to live in harmony with art and gray reality?

Buy yourself a painting:)

Thank you for the inspiring and interesting interview! I wish you good luck in the gallery Luxury Products and all successes in your professional life.