Prestigious bathroom accessories – my inspirations

prestigious bathroom accessories
Do you know where to find elegant and prestigious bathroom accessories?

When designing a dream house or apartment, we see in our imagination a large, beautiful and spacious living room in which guests are so delighted that it is difficult for them to say anything. Only often, out of an incredible desire to show off to other people, we forget about the rest of the rooms. And yet there is a bathing salon, and in it prestigious bathroom accessories, a bathtub, a huge or modest minimalist mirror, as well as other important accessories that certainly play an even greater role than a 100-inch TV.

I’m used to Asia photocopying what Europe does, which is a pity because they have very interesting projects, to some extent derived from their long culture. So the search for more and more interesting and original items for luxurious bathrooms is becoming an obligation.

Today there are three brands on the agenda that I would like to present to you. Of course, we will be talking about Italian bathroom accessories that make an impression, have an advantage over cheapness and maintain an architectural style! There’s no point in looking for it from other manufacturers, it’s not mass produced, it’s real handmade.

The material gives you an advantage…..

Naturally, there are many more good brands, especially with us, but there are 3 different eras, styles and approaches to bathroom design, so each of you will certainly be able to transfer something to yourself. There will be leather, pewter, copper, gold, crystal and marble. Because, as you know, the material is largely defined by its quality, its earthly and natural origin, weight and peculiarity.

It is the raw material that heats or cools, and it is often impossible to replace it with a manufactured product, which is to some extent the reason for the high-quality prices. There are no opportunities, there are no two different handmade items and you can’t buy an S class for the price of a toddler. This is the reality, although 2 of the manufacturers below have really affordable prices, as you will soon see.

Prestigious bathroom accessories – a breath of Provence and Art Noveau

Manufacture Cosi Tabellini has been with us practically from the very beginning and I don’t have to say that it is one of my favorite brands. It is a nod to the old eras, when products were made with great attention to detail and reliability. I love this company, so it ranks first today. Its products are not an obvious classification, because they are a bit medieval, a bit Art Nouveau, and even Provence in some places.

Their style is very noticeable, no one will ever successfully imitate Cosi Tabellini, because it is not that easy. Prestigious bathroom accessories made by them will make a difference in every bathing salon. Pewter t nothing else than tin, antimony and copper, which are extremely solid raw materials.

No unnecessary glitter, no blurring of reality, only great solidity, weight and great quality. Naturally, their items will not fit every bathroom, and certainly not modern or minimalist. Well, unless someone likes to have fun breaking conventions deeply, then yes. There is a lot of mixing in the glamor style, but in my opinion these are products that need a specific bathroom – certainly in an old style.

Strength lies in solidity

A very important fact is that the Cosi Tabellini offer is huge. Therefore, you can start from equipping your bathing salons and ending with kitchen utensils. This is a brand close to my heart, so I also have many of their beautiful utilitarian items in my kitchen.

Poetry, the scent of old times, high precision of workmanship and originality are factors that will certainly influence your choice of this noble Italian manufacture. A pewter toothbrush container with glass costs PLN 194, while a stylish soap dish on a leg costs PLN 490. So let’s face it, these are not outrageous prices for such high quality. Finishing with Cosi, I will say that several very famous people already have them in their bathrooms, and many of our clients use this brand throughout their homes.

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Prestigious bathroom accessories – Italian ceramics in country and vintage style

The next manufacture is Italian ceramics Virginia Casa, which has been doing well on the international interior design market for many years, mainly ceramic decorations. Many of their products are utilitarian items, referring to the vintage style, often with a hint of a country style. These are really charming things that are also difficult to find on an extremely crowded market.

I saw the first symptoms of their counterfeiting somewhere, but they were extremely unsuccessful and weak. Generally, I am surprised by the imitation of designers and the lack of willingness to create their own visions. Well, there is such a policy in the world today to photocopy everything nice and make it on a large scale. When it comes to prestigious bathroom accessories, you need to know that handmade is doing very well.

Made in Europe

Everyone who is interested in products from Italian or European factories must be aware that their production forces are, in a sense, limited and time plays a key role here. You can’t just make or fire a large amount of ceramics, then paint them, dry them, etc… many of our clients are aware of this fact. However, many people do not understand why they have to wait a month or two for the product. Well, if you want mass, look for a completely different place!

Coming back to Virginia Casa, these are ceramic products, very charmingly painted, strikingly reminiscent of products from ancient times. An additional argument for these prestigious bathroom accessories is the fact that Virginia’s offer is large. We can get ourselves one in this style plates, bottles, jars and other everyday items. So it’s really worth stopping for a moment and trying to save your bathroom from its typical stagnation. Many of these products are made in strong red or mint, which will brighten up your bathroom even more.

Charming and inexpensive, because it is the cheapest manufacturer in my list. A bathroom mug costs about PLN 90, soap dish PLN 58, and you have to pay PLN 72 for a toothbrush cup. Therefore, these affordable prices make Virginia Casa affordable and, as in the case of the previous brand, many customers buy other products from this brand. series.

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Luxury in the bathroom – prestige at the highest level 3SC

As you can guess, the last brand will also be an Italian manufacture, but much different from the previous two. These are objects and prestigious bathroom accessories of high caliber, dedicated to expressive and very luxurious bathing salons. The raw materials used are classics: copper, chrome, gold, marble and crystal. This combination gives extraordinary strength and a huge load of luxury.

I love their products, although they are not the cheapest, I must admit that they are impressive. Naturally, the price goes with great quality, weight and solidity, and the correlation of heavy metal crystal gives a feeling of incredible elitism. It is a nod to the highest quality products for noble and beautiful bathrooms.

A wide range of equipment

An important element of this brand is a huge selection of products, only dedicated to bathrooms. 3SC produces only accessories for bathing salons h, the range of possibilities is staggering. A mug, toothbrush container or dispenser are classics of the genre, while the manufacturer goes a step further by designing a luxurious towel warmer or a hairdryer holder. It doesn’t seem important, but women use the dryer every day, taking it out of the cupboard or chest of drawers.

The second great thing is the division into two styles – classic and modern. So practically everyone will find a product just right for themselves. It is a peculiar leap into two different worlds of approach to designing and furnishing bathrooms. But it is a very, very strong accent that cannot be ignored.

Without unnecessary wraps, it is one of the most prestigious brands designing products and accessories for bathing salons. The price works wonders, but not in this case, because the materials used ensure quality, so I am not surprised that the price for the dispenser starts well over a thousand zlotys. If you want quality and reliability, this is the place.
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Prestige versus formulaic

To wrap up today’s list, I’m fully satisfied that I’ve introduced you to a little bit my premium world. You can find all these stylish products in the store Luxury Products. These are often manufacturers that are hard to find because they are not mass-market, and their prices are not mass-market. However, it is really worth having a good quality element in your home in the form of prestigious bathroom accessories. Because this is where we often stay and in fact it is one of the few rooms where we have complete privacy.

Now that you know good quality products, you know that they don’t always have to cost a fortune and each of us can have them at home. We must be aware that these beautiful objects are being counterfeited on a massive scale, so I consider it my duty to promote the disappearing multi-generational manufactures that are the salt of the European earth. These are unique items that disappear because the mass market replaces them with great force.

Therefore, let us not forget about human and, above all, manual work, which shows us how craftsmanship has developed over the years. These are the values ​​that ultimately determine the prestige, but above all, the reliability of a given product. What I wish for myself and you.

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