Interview with Agnieszka Osak – picturesque and fascinating free style

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I invite you to an interview with the artist and painter Agnieszka Osak. An amazing person, with a big heart and eyes that see art that we cannot see. I am delighted with her paintings, so I invite you to read the interview with this unique woman!

Where does the passion for art come from in your life?

Passion for art is a talent that has become the most visible among many people. A kind of attraction. Artistic activities, creating and building have always been my here and now. My space. Creation manifested itself in many forms, it was not always drawing or painting. It was decorating every space I lived in, building buildings, gluing models for small figurines, designing fancy outfits, arranging the garden, etc. This is a strong need to be with myself and focus on what I am doing. At the moment of creation I am in my world. Creating is my nature, which I understood after many years, which I support at every step and which I allow to develop.

Sculpture, photography, scenography and painting, what plays the most important role in your work?

All forms of creation are close to me. I created fairy tales in each of these sections. Painting was present all the time, but somewhat in the shadow. It was calmly waiting for its time. However, it is in painting that I am free and can express myself completely. I had to taste different flavors of creation until painting came to light and became the most important thing.

Can you make a good living from making art in Poland?

I think you can make a good living from creating art. There are many factors contributing to this. And you have to play around a bit to meet several internal and external conditions.

Favorite and appreciated artist, not necessarily a painter?

Peter Gric artist, painter, and an extremely beautiful, interesting and fascinating personality, soul, intellect. Observing and learning, as well as sharing insights about life and painting issues is one of my beautiful experiences.

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What direction in art are your paintings?

My painting, my style… it’s an individual direction, it’s a kind of free style.

For many years I wanted to force myself to choose a certain style and direction. First, creating it, naming it, continuing it, and attaching that tag. And I know that this is how it works in this world, where everything has to be named, described, pigeonholed. I really wanted to be recognized in a certain style. But something in me really didn’t want that.

It was an anchor that held me tight so that I wouldn’t go any further. However, my heart, eager for adventure, pushes me forward like a strong wind. To new lands, to new adventures, new discoveries. It is a kind of art of discovery. I chose to constantly develop my painting, experiment with colors, look for new combinations, textures, techniques and compositions. And that’s where the beauty and fun lies. Each time I wait with fresh curiosity to see what the final effect of the next painting will be and where it will lead me next.

The three most important events that inspired you as an author?

All events that inspire me come from my inner world.

These are transformations at various levels or crossing subsequent gates of self-knowledge. I don’t remember ever being inspired by external events in my creation process. For example, the painting “Cosmic Viewfinder I” 2016. (“Space ViewFinder I”) was created at a time when I decided to consciously look inside myself. This involved great fear, but also strong determination. As well as quite intense mechanisms that were happening inside, but it is difficult to describe them in a few sentences. A beautiful painting was created, very important to me. Despite the intense, beautiful colors, there is also some kind of confusion there, everything is spinning, falling apart and mixing, but the viewfinder is calmly waiting and inviting you to look deeper. Look into the cosmic depths that are as beautiful as they are terrifying.

Your paintings feature fresh and bright colors, combined with deep dark backgrounds, is this the intention to break certain patterns?

I don’t have any assumptions. All color combinations in my painting are a reflection of what is happening, dancing and playing in me at a given moment. A long time ago my paintings were very dark, almost gloomy. There were no colors. They appeared gradually. The more joy, peace and silence, the more harmonious colors. The closer I am to nature, the more natural the colors become. Strong contrasts and bright colors are the emotions that were in the foreground at that moment in my life, and the strong need to express them.


How do you want to stand out?

At this point I am enjoying observing what life wants to create through me, with me. How  he wants to express himself. I am ready to cooperate and be open. How do I want to stand out? Being yourself and creating beauty.

Childhood for me is this?

I smile at this question, but I don’t know exactly how to answer. It was a cool period, with a few shadows too. This time seems very distant to me. I don’t think back to my childhood. When I see this little girl who was always creating something, gluing, painting, building, drawing, sewing, decorating… it warms my heart. I had a lot of ideas. I was never bored with myself. It’s so good that it remains like this to this day.

Where am I heading in my work?

In my work, I aim to create beautiful images that will be a feast for my eyes and soul, as well as for others. I’m going somewhere I haven’t been before and I’m curious about this journey.

The most breakthrough moment in my career

The moment in my life when I decided that creating is my nature and I stopped fighting it. When I understood and felt how beautiful and important this element of my existence is.

Where do I want to be in 5, 10, 15 years?

At this stage of my life, I no longer make plans about what my life will look like in 5, 10, 15 years. My intention is to live as beautifully as possible on this planet. We will see.

Who are my paintings dedicated to?

The pictures I paint are dedicated to each person. They are painted in a universal language. Painted with Soul, Heart and Mind. Painted to discover and feel beauty. Painted for moments of silence, peace, joy and love. Painted to be with yourself, for yourself. Painted for those who want to reach for it.

In what interiors and styles will my works work?

They will work well in a variety of interiors, these are paintings with Soul, so they will look beautiful in any interior with Soul.

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Minimalism or glamour?

I like staying in minimalistically decorated spaces. Quiet, clean, calm, naturally furnished, classy. High-quality minimalism.

Luxury for me is this?

Luxury for me is silence, freedom, surrounding yourself with beautiful people, places and objects. Luxury is allowing yourself to be yourself and being aware of your choice. Luxury is pampering yourself. Luxury is a fulfilled life.

Thank you very much for the interview, welcome to the world of premium Luxury Products. We hope for long and fruitful cooperation.

Michał Cylwik