For whom are paradise islands for sale?

paradise islands for sale

You just need to have anywhere from one to several dozen million dollars in sight (or in your bank account!) to do so paradise islands for sale they could become someone’s property. Is it their unique location, rich cultural heritage, or maybe something else that makes it such an expensive idea to satisfy your cravings?

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The passion for travel lies within us

Human nature is so diverse that it contains various existential needs. Among them, especially for true travel enthusiasts, may be the desire to have their own place on earth, located in exceptionally beautiful, remote and completely non-obvious natural conditions. Such a place may be the Bahamas, offering paradise islands for sale.

Paradise islands for sale enchant with their appearance

paradise island for sale

It turns out that only a few dozen of the approximately 700 islands located in the Bahamas archipelago remain inhabited. The rest is waiting for the owners to arrive. It is assumed that although the islands located on the outskirts of the archipelago are uninhabitable, those located inside are.

Prices for paradise islands vary, but it is estimated that the 130-hectare Baliceaux Island costs $30 million. Only a fraction of this amount, only $1.2 million, is the price for the 9-hectare Goat Cay island. So prices remain very diverse.

paradise island for sale

The excellent location of the islands attracts like a magnet

The extraordinary picturesqueness of the islands presented in the photographs attracts the attention of those interested. Paradise islands for sale are a real rarity for millionaires and very wealthy people.

The blue lagoons surrounding the islands are wonderful opportunities to seek the long-awaited relaxation or the most comfortable rest. It’s almost a real SPA, both for body and soul.

Paradise islands are the property of many celebrities

luxury paradise island for sale

People who are very popular and known in wide circles around the world, such as the British billionaire Sir Richard Branson, the originator and founder of the Virgin concern, is the owner of Necker Island, considered one of the most luxurious resorts in the world.

A daily stay on the island costs 40,000 dollars – and such solemn celebrations of wedding anniversaries are possible for stars such as David or Victoria Beckham.

However, paradise islands for sale do not have to be used for commercial or recreational purposes. They can be a real oasis of peace – a desirable retreat for private use only.Save