A digitized limousine for connoisseurs – the new BMW 7

new BMW 7

Who saw it live new BMW 7, he won’t immediately shout Woow – she’s different than all of them so far! Nothing like that, dear fans of the legendary ‘7’. Unfortunately, this is a version that has undergone an evolution of the shape and refinement of certain nuances in the car’s styling.

German manufacturers assume that what matters most in a luxury limousine is ergonomics and customers’ attachment to driving comfort. Therefore, the target group for this unique machine are conservative premium and super premium customers.

New BMW 7 – don’t look at the appearance, take the key in your hand

the key of the new BMW 7
The new BMW 7 is primarily innovative technologies, photo: http://www.bmw.pl/pl

That’s right, brand enthusiasts themselves BMW They hailed the car key as a bigger sensation, as well as what you can do with it. The digitized modernist key is a classic embodiment of 21st century trends.

They haven’t played this before….the touchscreen key is truly exceptionally luxurious. You can check the vehicle’s condition and other data without getting into the car.

new BMW 7 parking system
Innovative ”seven” key, photo: http://www.bmw.pl/pl

Now, in addition to known functions such as closing the windows, we can read the fuel level and even the current range.

There would be nothing extraordinary about it, so the Bavarian brand went further and designed key-operated parking! The driver uses it and the Park Distance Control system to freely move the car into its place.

Telephone system with wireless charging – the new BMW 7 of course has it!

In many cases, it is the owner of the new ‘7’ who is driving in the back. It is not only a place to relax, but also a business command post. BMW designers realize how important this detail is.

phone charging system new bmw 7
Charge your phone wirelessly, photo: http://www.bmw.pl/pl

And here again a nod to modern technologies. Because we can charge our phone without unnecessary cables and connections. The system includes a wireless charging function, with a warning against leaving a phone in the car.

We also have two standard USB ports for fast charging of mobile devices. The new BMW 7 is also equipped with a modern Bluetooth port for connecting two phones and an audio player.

What’s cool is that the phone package includes Bluethooth Office with access to the calendar, text messages and e-mail.

What else does the new BMW 7 have that is unique and innovative?

It would seem that this is the end of innovative solutions of engineers from Bavaria. None of these things! The manufacturer used creative digitized car control using gestures. The iDrive Touch system has gained a completely new face.

Make a move and manage functions in your BMW 7, photo: http://www.bmw.pl/pl

The driver can use gestures to activate many functions for which previously he usually had to use his right hand. The 3D sensor integrated in the car carefully observes our movements above the front center console.

With one gesture we can answer the phone or adjust the volume on the radio. Additionally, it is shown on the main screen and the system confirms the displayed movements. Such things have so far only been a science fiction dream, but today we have it in a luxury limousine.

new bmw 7 gesture control
Photo: http://www.bmw.pl/pl

Is there anything else worth noting in the new 7th grade?

These are definitely modern laser lights. BMW designers promise a greater range of high beam lights, up to 600 m. This seems exceptionally innovative, especially since it is a result that is twice as good as standard headlights.

lights in the new BMW 7
Beautiful stylish lights, photo: http://www.bmw.pl/pl

In addition to improving driving safety, the new BMW 7 Series has designer blue accents in the lights. And this is a small icing on the cake of the entire massive body of this predator. Adaptive cornering control will allow you to enjoy fast night driving on winding roads, and the function BMW Selective Beam it will not blind oncoming cars.

new bmw 7 lighting
Photo: http://www.bmw.pl/pl

You have a new BMW 7 and you’re sitting in the back of a limousine?

The rear seat passenger has a 7-inch BMW Touch Command tablet, allowing them to enjoy the comfort and ergonomics of many functions reserved only for ‘7’ owners.

tablet new bmw 7
Photo: http://www.bmw.pl

It’s not something super new, but the idea of ​​making the tablet portable is an interesting solution. With one touch we can adjust comfortable leather seats, air conditioning, lighting, roof blinds and other luxurious and ergonomic solutions in this car.

new bmw 7 wireless tablet
Photo: http://www.bmw.pl

Overall ratingThe new BMW 7 is unique luxury limousine for traditionalists. A car with a very muscular silhouette and not as clumsy as before.

It may be the most expensive in its class, but it is very innovative in many aspects. Modern digitized systems only show how much BMW designers care about the development of the brand.

Perhaps a bit classic, but luxury means details that are clearly exposed here and tempt potential customers with their charm.SaveSaveSave